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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Geez Louise, when Bill Clinton decided to get a BJ from that Lewinsky lass, the rethugs couldn't wait to pounce on him and progress forward to impeachment because of lying.

But this lying prick, Mark Sanford of South Carolina has been lying all over the place, and is still sitting in the governor's chair. By giving interviews over the past couple of days, he has been caught in his lies and they actually seem to grow, like Pinocchio's nose, by the hour.

He states that his Argentinian consort is his "soul mate" but he is still trying to reconcile with his wife. The use of the present tense "is", makes this a confounding statement at best.

He lied about how many meetings there were between the two and now, he states that he has "crossed the line" many times in his 20 year marriage. I say "keep on digging Sanford" this can only get better. His logic that he can serve the state better by NOT resigning makes no sense to me. His approval ratings suck balls, and he just doesn't "get it."

I especially love the part of his story, where supposedly last winter he headed to NY to meet his consort, to end the affair and even had as a chaperon, his spiritual adviser. Give me a fukking break. Does having this "spiritual adviser" lessen the impact of adultery? Does his church of mind actually condone this action?

Rudy Giuliani has been making the circuit of all the talk shows and giving his opinion, which does not even mount to a hill of beans in my book. Why would or could we believe the opinions of one adulterer on another? Well, at this rate, go ahead, now ask Newt how he feels too!


CONGRATULATIONS to Al Franken for having the wherewithal to stay this course, all the way through the Minnesota State Supreme Court. Sorry to my friends from MN that you have to deal with Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann and Norm Coleman. From what I have read, Pawlenty will be signing the certification papers before this day is through. Woohoo, it's about time.


We are in a cool down stage here in the Ohio Valley right now. It works well for me - the temps only got up to 71* today. Tomorrow is expected to be around 67*. I think I may cancel thegrandsons swim lesson, as the temps really aren't conducive for a nice swim.

Have a great one all, and I shall return.......later...........


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Let him swim. Swimming in the cold water will toughen him up.

J Ho said...

there are not many legislators in the state standing behind Sanford. Many republicans want him to resign.

He will, eventually. But the GOP will fight to the very end to keep whatever power they have left (see also: Norm Coleman v Al Franken).

The people will make Sanford resign. He needs to go for the sake of the Party. And we all know, party comes first.

F_ck real progress; both parties are out for themselves (See also: the future end to the hope of govt supported single-payer health care{a standard in almost all western countries}, the future quagmire in Afghanistan, and the continuing robbery of our Treasury to compensate corporate America)

slyght said...

you swim faster in the cold water, so you stay on top better, it's simple hydrodynamics. and i'm with Dr. MvM... what about walking to school uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes? you gotta make him tough.