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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm sure everyone has seen this...

At 3 am this morning I was watching an interview Palin had with CNBC - all OIL based. This woman is scary - I think she should have left her small (7,000 residents) town more often - to just check out the "real world." She is quite eloquent in speaking about boosting the oil output, more drilling - and essentially anything advantageous to the State of Alaska. But I have sincere doubts that in a debate, she can handle the BIG issues. If one listens to the pundits, all I'm hearing is that Joe Biden will have to essentially handle her with kid gloves, because he wouldn't want to look like a bully. Crap on that. I figure you want to play with the big kids, you better be able to take it. Plain and simple. No tears, and "why are you picking on me" stuff.

She wants creationism taught in schools, Roe vs. Wade abolished...the list is endless.

I want to say Karl Rove thought this up, but truly even Rove can't be this stupid. Since I don't know this woman personally, as I don't know any candidate personally, my criticisms are based on data available - and trust me, I have been to every site imaginable to find something redeeming to the betterment of our country. NOTHING.

As a woman, I am highly insulted, that the McCain team would presume that disenfranchised Hillary supporters, would just arbitrarily vote McCain/Palin, because he picked the WOMAN!!! In other words, we who supported Hillary are brain dead, and were only supporting Hillary because of her femininity?!?!!? We do have substance and brain matter and I am sure as a whole, we all are rather well informed on the issues and stances....but oh no, we now have a former beauty queen contestant, former council person and mayor of VERY small community and a Governor for only 18 months. Let me think about this.....NOT happening.

Again, some pundits are brushing this off as...we are voting for a President and that is what we need to do. Well, excuse me...McCain is a senior senior citizen with four prior cases of cancer...one would have to look at the long term. As Bill Maher said last night, "the call that Palin got at 3 am, was for a moose getting in someone's garbage!" Funny, but true. McCain had so many female Republicans to choose from with a vast amount of experience, to go this route is unfathomable.

The next 60 some days should prove to be quite interesting. I think I will enjoy it immensely. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - and this is mine...so be it!

And to all my friends, have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. TTFN!


Anonymous said...

Makes you question McCain's judgement, no?

Chickie said...

McCain must be in the early stages of dementia.

rennratt said...

I watched her interview on Greg Beck the other day.

She seemed nice enough, but I had never heard of her.

Regardless, I plan to follow the same path that I ALWAYS follow during elections of late.

According to my co-worker, I "throw my vote away". (I pick the one that I think should be president, even if (s)he isn't a heavy hitter.)

As I tell him, "It's my vote to throw away, dear."

You're right. The next few months will be VERY interesting.