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Monday, June 28, 2010


Thedaughter has been continually "knocking down", "tearing apart", the robin's attempts to build a nest on the gutter pipe. This has become almost a daily ritual - bird brings twigs and starts and restarts the makings of a beautiful nest...daughter RIPS the construction down from its perch.

Today, we find this (pic above). The robin is now attempting to use DUCT TAPE (or as we like to call it - 200 mph tape) to reinforce the project. Thedaughter will be screaming and ripping at 4 pm when she returns home from work. Wish I could warn the feathered creature, but alas....it speaks no English. LOL

The temps are much cooler today than the high 90's of yesterday. The clouds have the "threatening" look of rain, but I see no rain on the weather map.

I am now tuning in to Wimbledon matches....as the World Cup Soccer matches have pissed me off with ALL the BAAAAAAAAAAADDDD calls by the refs. I don't care which country is playing, these refs apparently did not have any vision requirements in order to get their jobs. I'm not jut a fair-weather fan...just a pissed off fan.

Theson and neighbor Joe - are working on the neighbors pool - trying to create a way to get in and out of said pool, until new ladder arrives - sometime between now and July 6th...thanks Amazon. This will work well, as they (neighbors will be on vacation) and WE will be swimming like crazy. (We have their permission.)

Being a former West Virginian....I am saddened with the passing of Sen. Robert Byrd. I met the man, many, many years ago and was impressed with his self education and ferocity for the people of that state. He was realistic enough to understand that, once being a KKK member (in his early 20's), that mark would follow him for the remainder of his life...right down to his obituary. Being raised in southern WV during his formative years - that would not have been considered a bad move - as that area was highly bigoted. It took a long time and having his eyes opened...that he grew past all the prejudice. He was a staunch supporter for Pres. Obama as well. I was his biggest fan, for his opposition to Bushy's WARS. His views and statements about the wars were very succinct and will probably go down in the annals of history.

Granted, he brought a lot of wonderful projects to WV, in the form of "pork" and was totally unashamed of his moves....the state is much better for those projects. It will be a long, long time before another Senator is seated with the knowledge of all the "loopholes" in parliamentary procedure and Senate decorum as Byrd. R.I.P. Robert Byrd.

Gotta run for now......tennis to watch...might even try to get a shower!! Later........



Mnmom said...

Duct tape? Is the bird from Minnesota?

rennratt said...

I, too, was sad to read of Senator Byrd passing away. I didn't necessarily agree with everything he said, did or voted for, but he was a decent man.

I had to call his office for a comment on CSX changes back in the 90s, as part of my internship. Instead of a canned 'blip' via messenger, I was turned directly over to the Senator himself.

We spoke for about an hour. It was kind of charming.

I found it pretty incredible that HE talked to me in depth, but local cops couldn't be bothered to talk to me. Apparently college interns @ a small town Holler newspaper didn't rank high enough on their Importance List.