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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prosecuting these idiots is ....

is a wonderful, marvelous, about time idea!!!!


I never cease to be amazed at those who have been arrested for - whatever, and smile like a blooming idiot for their mug shots. This woman was arrested after furnishing alcohol to her son and his friend, and the friend was later killed after crashing his car head-on into another vehicle.

The charges against this woman are both misdemeanors - 1. furnishing alcohol to a minor and 2. reckless conduct. Big fukking whoop. She faces a possible year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Her smile is saying - "go ahead - that's nothing!"

This infuriates me to no end. My children are older and much more responsible (most of the time), and I don't have the teenager worries in my home. But my oldest grandson is 18 years old and lost his best friend one year ago, from a home party where alcohol was served. This young boy did not get behind the wheel of a car - he just consumed an inordinate amount of alcohol and died from alcohol poisoning. The parents who hosted the party have been charged but have made arrangements for a plea bargain I do believe. These adults had all the kids at this party help dispose of all alcohol before the cops arrived - what the hell is going on? Of course there is a charge somewhere in the papers for tampering with evidence also.

A YOUNG LIFE WAS LOST BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL - what does it take to get through to people? I am not against responsible drinking (a couple) but to drink to excess is inexcusable. Being married to an alcoholic did not help my attitude any either. If I decide to have a drink - it is just that...one, maybe two at the most. My days of oblivion were over decades ago.

Parents need to step up to the plate and act responsibly - and hopefully pass that trait on to their children. I would rather have my kids call me "old fashioned", than be the cool mom and have a child die because of those lax actions.

Another thing off my chest for now. The winds have died down...I had a sneezing fit that lasted an hour - and now my head is so full of SNOTTTTTTT!!! WTF is going on? I do not have time to be sick right now - and apparently the "cold" deities have it in for me. I'm swallowing a bottle of Nyquil and going to bed - cold be damned.

See ya tomorrow. Later..................


Annette said...

I agree with you.. they should hold these parents responsible and make them examples instead of a slight slap on the wrist. Kids don't learn anything when the parents skate on stuff like this.. all kids think after this now is that it is funny... start actually dishing out some good punishment and it will stop.

Mnmom said...

The prosecute them in Minnesota!! One couple in the Twin Cities is putting their kids with relatives, packing up the house, and getting ready to serve their 5+ years jail time for this crime. I say let them serve it! Young people have to be saved from extreme stupidity. I don't care WHAT anyone did in High School, it's still your job to tell your teen "NO" to all drugs, including alcohol. And mean it!

J Ho said...

Alcohol does more damage than marijuana, but Alcohol is legally distributed.

If the mother gave the kids marijuana (which I do not condone), they'd watch Spongebob Squarepants and eat Cheetos before they'd pass out.

giggles said...

I have "friends" who hosted a sleepover and served alcohol, so that the kids wouldn't drive.... but the Dad got roaring drunk with them?! WTF?! Great role model..... not. Drinking to excess is ok if you're not gonna drive?

Phoenix Berries said...

I wish we had a food culture of which alcohol was a part, instead of a consumerist culture that markets alcohol as a means of entertainment. Food companies make big $$$ from people getting fixated on entertainment and eating prepared foods instead of cooking, and beer companies make big $$$ off people using alcohol as escape instead of part of a meal. It sucks all around.

Liberality said...

oh boy, what a mess! I have never been the "cool" parent and I have always told my children to not drink or especially drink and drive. I'd hate for my kid to be over at her house learning something else entirely.

arrozconpollo said...

Phoenix Berries, drinking moderately w/ meals sounds like the European way. Remember, this is Amurika. We don't sip a nice glass of wine while eating dinner w/ our families like the French do. In Amurika, we imbibe cases of Coors w/ a large cheese pizza whilst the family watches our cousin's court case on Judge Judy.

Consumerism...the Amurikan way. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to consume at the same rates. Maybe Coors can find some overseas markets now that Philip Morris has had such smashing success in Asia.