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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brownie is at it again...

OK - it is 3:30 am - and I am having to figure out how to barricade the little buck-toothed critter AGAIN!!. I wonder if this is going to be a regular Sunday morning thing?!!? I fell asleep around 11 pm and at 1 am I heard the dog yipping in the kitchen, like it was playing with the cat. Got up, and the dog kept going to the same spot (floor under hamster cage.) I couldn't see the little bugger in the cage, and then noticed a front slot was open on cage (different one from last time.) Then the little darling just peeked out at me, like "oh goody more people to play with!" BACK TO ISOLATION - SIX MONTHS IN THE HOLE!!

Now the dilemma, do I duct tape over the holes in the one cage or do I check at pet store for safer additions to already expensive condo? Oh the decisions I have to make.

I am so glad I made this discovery (finding hamster on the lam) before it packed a bag and headed to greener pastures up the road at phyldots. I'm not sure her dogs would just PLAY with him. Ferocious animules!! haha just kidding.

That's it for now - have to try and get back to sleep, lots of work to catch up on tomorrow. GOODNIGHT!!


slyght said...

you can put it in the ball with some vinegar and baking soda... so while it is rolling around for fun. all the sudden they mix, C02 everywhere, and brownie is getting sleepy. then the ball pops open due to the pressure and brownie has to deal with isis and angel in a semi-sleep state. that should be some good reality TV. yeah yeah, do it.


Anonymous said...

hey brownie sure is clever and a night owl too...i have no clue what zacs trying to say but i really think he's a little over the edge....but thats our boy...gotta love him...and i do think brownie wants to come visit me..send him up and when you get him back he will be at least 20 pounds heavier and happy...how's that?????