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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


We had some major road repairs a couple of years ago, near my home. Rt. 149 wraps around a hill with a massive water tower atop. The hillside below the road was cut way back (and to close) to the placement of the new road, in preparation for a major project which is underway now.

This morning I get up to take thegrandson to his swimming lesson and as I start the turn - this is what I faced. The road has started to "slip", because it was cut in too far - which I, the non-engineer could have told the idiots when it was under construction.

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Not to mention that in tapering the hillside both above and below the road...the water tower is precipitously close to sliding down this hill also. Maybe it is just a Buckeye State mentality, but it does appear that a slew of morons made these idiotic decisions and got paid the big bucks - knowing they would have to repair the problems.

The new road will cut between the ball fields and below the existing road, and should be completed in 2010. I guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

I really only wanted to post about the portable stoplight in the first picture and got way off track. I truly want to own one of those stop lights. I want to, late at night, just make it appear at the most ridiculous spots - to drive people totally over the edge. C'mon admit it...it would be fun. Like in the middle of a pasture, at the end of a "dead end" street, etc. I love harmless pranks and could really get into this one.

I have to find somewhere to take thegrandson to watch fireworks for the 4th. We have always had our own displays here in town - as one of the largest fireworks distributors has been located here for over 80 years. But oh no...the idiot in charge (that needs to go), spent the money in early June for a disastrous "All American Town" festival and fireworks then.

The kids don't understand that logic and many here will face a big disappointment. The small sparklers, firecrackers and ocassional cherry bomb are a regular nightly event leading up to the 4th and for at least a week afterwards. Therefore, my huge scared dog is settled in - in the hallway upstairs. What a wuss!


I just read that Minnesota's Michelle Bachmann (of idiot fame), was confronted by other Repubs, and told NOT to pop off anymore about her illegal act of not filling out her census forms, and encouraging others to do the same. Curses, I was hoping those that love and adore her (in her district) would follow suit, which would ultimately annihilate that district - and put her out of a job. Rats! One can only dream.
Oh well, another great actor passed away today - Karl Malden. He lived a very long life - 97 years, and will be missed.

I have things to tend to now...like eat a bottle of Tylenol for this headache, which I have had all day. It is raining and dismal also - which really enhances my mood.

Have a great evening......later.................

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