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Sunday, July 05, 2009


When I asked thedaughter's friend (Jayme), if he could power wash the decks and stain both, he never missed a beat before saying "yes." I do believe now, he would wish that he had re-thought that answer. Strange, how in our minds this could be a relatively easy task - but in actuality, he is on day two, and will finish the power washing part of the deal. No staining will even start till tomorrow.

It is amazing how good the wood looks (upper part) after being cleaned of the old stain, dirt and grime. This picture is of the back deck which was completely cleaned yesterday. My friend is still diligently working on the front, as I type. Eight hours total to clean the back deck, and he has been at it since 10:30 am this morning, on the front (6 hrs.) We agreed on a set price and he is sticking to that, but said if anyone asked him in the future, or even myself in 2-3 years, he would be charging considerably more. I understand that.

Thegrandson is at the age, where I feel he can "sort of" lend a helping hand when necessary. I gave him the hammer, and asked him to go along behind Jayme and pound in any nails that he saw were raised. This lasted at least an entire 10 minutes, before boredom set in. Since he was getting wet from the over spray - he found a trash can lid and decided to make an adventure out of this task.

Thegrandson is playing scarce today - there's more fun at the neighbors, in the form of a water gun battle. I'll let him get away with it for now, and probably tomorrow, as I don't really think I want him to be a "stained" mess.

I am "babysitting" tonite so thedaughter can attend and REO, Styxx concert. I told her I want paid though. I watch thegrandson endlessly while she works, but if she is just going out to have fun - pay me. She kind of balked at the whopping $5/hr I am charging, but that is just too bad.

I may have to blog more on Sarah Palin later, as I definitely would like to be included with the mass of bloggers she wants to sue - since she is, of course - the VICTIM of mainstream media and all. Dr. MVM has aptly put his head on the chopping block, and I wouldn't want him to stand alone.

One thing that I ponder...she is now saying that she is being ragged on because she is "answering a higher calling.." WTF is that? She's going to become an evangelical nun or something? Give me a fukking break.

Enjoy the day and I shall return.........later...........


Liberality said...

The lesson he should learn from this is that nothing is ever as easy as you think it is going to be.

I think $5 an hour is very reasonable!

slyght said...

you need to move the 2nd picture of TheGrandson, the 3rd picture total. it is getting cut off. ah hell, i'll fix it.

LL Cool Joe said...

It's amazing how much better everything looks after it's been pressure washed. Well apart from the cat, that is.

Anonymous said...

In my defense. I am use to paying other babysitters $2.50-$3.00 and hour and mom made out any how I was home by 10:30 and she still got her $30. With no bauliking as she states.