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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The new fence being erected by the "new" neighbors will look something like this when completed - I would assume. When I moved here almost 24 years ago - I went out of my way to OPEN up my property, removing an old stockade fence, which was warped, full of termites, and UGLY. I also removed many ugly bushes and dying trees - thus ending up with a very nice extra lot.

All that is coming to an end - and their fence, whether you call it a "stockade" "privacy" or plain old "wooden" fence is destined to be an eyesore at some time in the future. So, as mad as I am about the situation - I am convincing myself - it is something I will have to get used to. Now my warped mind is running wild with all the endless possibilities of how to deal with "my" side of the fence.

Thedaughter and I were on the deck until very late last night, tossing around ideas.

Starting some ivy growth came to mind first. Thedaughter asked me how do we do that..and I replied "hell, I just come up with finished ideas" and we will have to research ivy growth now. I could start the process so it will look good on my side, but by golly - it may just start climbing over the other side into their view - ahhhhh!!! Too bad!

I could maybe, find some old windows and flower boxes and decorate it so it has an outdoor/whimsical flair. But considering I kill flowers and green things on a regular basis - I will have to go all "hoopie" on them and fill them with PLASTIC flowers.

One commenter said I should plant trees that will ensure the droppage of massive amounts of leaves - in the future. Hmmmm....a possibility, but I honestly don't wish to deal with leaves that may miss the mark and head my way!!!

An idea, one that thegrandson would love - would be to give him all kinds of paint - and just let him "have at it!" A little graffiti, a stick figure here and there - it wouldn't be a work of art for the ages, as his artistic talent is not developed yet. But this could be a very challenging an interesting project for the little tyke.

This is my favorite...inviting all my gay friends and they their friends - and paint it rainbow colors. I wouldn't mind having a rainbow colored fence to look at - but with the thought of revenge in mind - they would truly not be affected.

My ultimate - most favorite idea...to mount very bright lights to the corners of my house facing this side lot - and then utilizing the yard as a new entertainment area. I mean absolutely, knock your eyeballs out of your head BRIGHT lights - that my be forgotten to be turned off at night, lights.

In reality, I will take this one day at a time. But this does not mean that I cannot have all these "interesting" ideas rolling around in my head. Many neighbors I have spoken with, are totally shocked that these new neighbors are literally "dumbing down" their very expensive purchase. Trust me on this...I have not accused them of being smart. For a family that thought they had a large parcel of property, by placing this fence - and a separate chain-linked area in their back yard (for the dogs) - they have depreciated the piece of property, that should in all reason, appreciate with improvements.

I spoke with a former neighbor of these people, and was informed that they NEVER cut their grass and the property was cluttered with "stuff." I should hope that any future changes they make will not start to depreciate all my neighboring properties either.

We have been threatened with rain for a couple of days...but nothing here yet. Maybe today, because there is all sorts of "green" stuff on my weather map.

I have a couple of major projects to start, but I honestly can't get motivated. I was going to start one this morning, but I slept wrong, and if you remember, I have stated before....after my triple bypass surgery, my breastbones never "knit" together. I was allergic to the wire or something, but the bones overlapped during the night, and I can't get them back in place. Sounds stupid, I know....but I have to throw my shoulders around till they separate. My life sucks sometimes...!

Have to catch up on the news now...so catch ya.......later...................

**p.s. If anyone has any other great ideas regarding this "fence" - don't hesitate to let me know.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'd plant ivy, honeysuckle, or some kind of berry bushes.

Randal Graves said...

You're going to have to build a dais of some sort and start hosting naked pagan dances.

Cali said...

I love the rainbow fence idea, but is it legal to paint your neighbors' fence? BTW, after reading what their former neighbors said, I'd be glad for the fence!

Nan said...

Well, if they're kind of trashy (lots of stuff and not into lawn mowing), maybe the stockade is a good idea. You won't have to see their crap.

If the fence has to be set back on their land a foot from the actual property line, can you do anything at all to it other than plant stuff right on the line on your side that might creep over it on its own? It is, after all, their fence.

BTW, we had a similar experience a number of years ago when we owned a house in Hancock, Michigan. When we bought, we were told that it was an oversized lot. Well, it seemed pretty clear where the lot line was on one side (there was a chain link fence in place that had obviously been there very many years) and going by the way the retaining wall along the street was built, we thought we knew where the line was on the other side. Never really worried about it (no neighbor problems) until two things happened simultaneously: we decided to have the property surveyed because we had decided to sell, and the neighbor on the unfenced side decided he was going to build a garage. That's when we learned our yard extended 10 feet farther west than we all thought it did -- and the neighbor was SOL on his garage plans. He took the bad news gracefully, so we were lucky. (If he had asked, we would have sold him the slice he needed because we had plenty of yard without it but he just dropped his construction plans entirely.)

kenju said...

I'm fairly sure you can't attach anything to it or paint it without their permission - which I'd get in writing and notarized.

If they seldom cut their grass and stuff lays all over the yard, the fence will be a Godsend!!

Christy said...

i say start hosting naked volleyball!!! that should piss them off!

Lisa said...

I was thinking the same thing as some of your other commenters. The fence my turn out to be a good thing aesthetically.

I'd plant beautiful things and paint it, if possible.