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Thursday, July 02, 2009


What can we say about Glen Beck? Or let me rephrase that, what GOOD things can we say about Glen Beck. I hated him on CNN, and I truly detest his warped and demented show at Faux. leave it to him to have someone on his show to further the rhetoric that Obama is NOT keeping us safe. I mean honestly, in five full months in office, Obama should have had the unemployment figures wayyyyy down, the Wall street debacle completely cleared up and on an even keel, peace negotiations with warring countries signed and delivered, Gay rights fully established, health care reform completed and total WORLD PEACE.

Realistically it took "W" six full years to fuck up this country in all ways - and the neocons and remaining rethugs believe that casting aspersions on our President, whilst more or less preferring life as it was say in September of 2008 (before the collapse) - makes this administration EVIL!

This clip from last night is great, so watch...

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Jon Stewart is terrific....and I am so glad he didn't fall off his ladder while watching Beck.



giggles said...

Un-fucking-believable... Oh wait. Did you hear me say fuck??!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

The Wire...gritty but good... It took me a long time to finally settle down and decide to watch it and I am glad I did..., It is TV worth watching, when there is not a lot of that to be found....

Have a great 4th yourself!!

Annette said...

This was a great clip.. I don't understand why our media is not calling out Beck, Hannity and Limpballs. Instead we are getting non stop Michael Jackson. Sorry, but he is dead, been dead for a week and is going to be dead for a long time. Sorry it happened, but someone wishing that OBL would bomb us again to me is a little more pressing, and Limpballs calling for a Coup just like they had in Honduras over the weekend is to me just a little more pressing, but to the media, nope, it is all MJ all the time.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Love how some Repubs would rather have Osama kill American than have "Their" beliefs on the security needs of this Country challenged by the rightfully elected Democrat President.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

We had our coup already.

It was done "judiciously" in Dec, 2000.

It has NOT been overthrown, by the "constitutional scholar," or anyone else. All the relevant details from the Bushevik era are still in place!

Fuck DOMA!


And Medicare Part B.