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Monday, July 20, 2009


I have both clips here of the ignorant statement Brian Kilmeade made on Fox and Friends in the morning, regarding an Alzheimer's study. When he went so far as to mention that we Americans, marry other "species" and ethnicity's...well, it took awhile to get my jaw back in place. Watch.


His apology is made in the vein of a form letter - and that's it! Couldn't he have said "I made a mistake, we all know that Americans DO NOT marry other SPECIES!! blah, blah, blah!" What a fukktard.

As of today, Michael Vick has officially served his sentence on the dog fighting charges. He has turned in his electronic ankle bracelet and may do as he pleases. The Falcons of course, dropped him and he will have to meet with Mr.Goodell, to see if there will be more penance dealt by the NFL. In my humble opinion, he's done! He may have been worth millions in the past, but having been "out of the game" for this length of time, I do not believe he could come back at 100%. **I was never a fan of his anyway.

I'M IN LOVE!!! Our local Kroger store had a table set up with this new product two weeks ago, and I tried the Strawberry, and immediately asked which aisle? the reply was, well we don't have any Strawberry left, but more should be coming in about a week. Well hell girlfriend....don't tease me like that. So every trip to the store, I kept checking and as of last week - voila! I'm hooked.

55 calories per tube, and it is much like the Popsicles in a tube, but this is a frozen sorbet. I bought the Strawberry for myself and grape for thegrandson. I believe it is also in a raspberry flavor. They also make them in small cups, to be frozen. I figure this is better for me than the usual bowl of ice cream in the evenings. I highly recommend this new find.

I'm going back to listening to all the arguments on Health Care reform. CNN has a gentleman on now from Canada (member of Parliament and former Minister of Health), explaining how health care is structured in that country. Very interesting.

Have a great one and...........later...............


Buzzardbilly said...

Be gentle, my ass! Hah!

Faux News cracks me up on a regular basis. I believe there's a required knuckle-dragging test before one can be hired there. Really, never try the "Skinny Cow" chocolate fudgecicles with chocolate drizzle that are low fat and only a hundred delicious calories. The store will be out of them more than they have them. They are of the devil.

Mnmom said...

Other species and ethnics? What's an ethnic?
The sad fact is, I'm not at all shocked that this man is on Fox.

Wish we had a Kroger here. I used to inhale "Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk" by Healthy Choice. I don't think they intended me to eat 3 or 4 bowls at a time.

ReRe said...

maybe i should send him a picture of james and me!

trinnydecca said...

ahhh hahaha! this is great. At work they try to split lunchtime television down the middle by alternating CNN and Fox News on different days. The day I nearly had it was the day Fox ran the story "Raising a liberal child: Is it possible to teach accountability?"

I love his irritating tone of voice, as if he's thinking "I can't believe I have to apologize for this." I also love that in the first video, the spider eyed former beauty queen is trying really hard not to wrinkle her makeup while he is speaking. Fantastic!