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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The new neighbors have done nothing to "endear" themselves with the rest of us. As you can see from this picture, a shit load of wood was delivered this morning and they are working diligently to get this fortress fence erected. Access for thegrandson will now be cut off, for him to visit his friend "across the creek" behind us.

When I moved into my house many moons ago, there was a fortress fence all around the property and one of the first things we did was tear the ugly thing down. I don't want to feel like I am caged in, in my own home. I would have had much less of a problem, had they chosen a chain link fence - but no, I think this is to piss me off.

The building inspector has already been to their house (just a short while ago) to check that it complies with zoning ordinances, and they were called on the fact that they did NOT have a building permit. At first I was told the fence had to be five feet off the property line - but now they have changed that to one foot. I was head of the zoning board for awhile, I will have to go to the basement and see if I can find the rulings. By the time that is done...they will have the fukking thing up!

Now, I'm trying to figure how much it would take to have a small bridge built across the creek, so thegrandson and his friends can play. It never ends.

My blood pressure has to be through the roof by this time, so I am cutting this short (ha).



giggles said...

Oh GAWD! I am so sorry....

Let them put the fence up...within a foot...and I hope the reg is FIVE feet....then make 'em take it down and put it up all over again!!!!!!!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Don't you just hate neighbours? Even nice considerate ones bug the hell out of me. Some people just love to get all possessive about their land and home. Hope they don't start digging a moat around the fence next.

Mnmom said...

OK, I admit it, I'm a fence builder. We're almost the only home in our neighborhood with a 6-ft wood fence. I just really, really like my privacy! I'm a great neighbor and have folks over all the time for campfires and potlucks. But when I'm back there alone, I don't want anyone to see me. And I don't want to see them.

However, it is too bad about the boy's access to his friend. Maybe you could work something out with them? We have a neighbor that lets us cut across this property to the soccer fields. All the other neighbors are a little anal about it.

kenju said...

From what you said about them before, you might end up being happy that there is a fence between you.

Back when we were first married and bought our first house, the people behind us chained a big dog in the back yard all day. He had worn all the grass down and every time the wind blew, dirt and sand blew everywhere and into our yard. We had a 6' cedar stockade fence erected all along the back of the lot (and all the neighbors except the dog owners had chain link. I heard from other neighbors that they were insulted. I told them that if they had to stand in our yard and be confronted with the sight of that poor dog running in circles all damn day, they would have wanted a fence too.

After we moved here, the new owners of our home took down the fence and put up chain link, but by then, the dog had died.

trinnydecca said...

It looks like it's time to grow a tree that will shed leaved strictly inside the neighbors' fence.