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Thursday, July 23, 2009


California's finances are in the toilet - and probably already flushed - and state workers cannot even be paid. Now, there has been a massive raid and $1 billion of marijuana has been confiscated. Just a little advice to Gov. Arnold - package it, sell it on the streets, charge sales tax - PAYROLL MET!!

I'm just saying - sooner or later marijuana legalities will be on the ballot, but California is in such dire straits - I'm sure there is a market for this product. Silly me, even if the largest Mexican drug cartels are involved - rather than have a trial, send those back to Mexico and I'm sure their bosses will figure out how to deal with them - saves court time.

I'm sure there are plenty of arguments on this front...so let it be known this is tongue-in-cheek. (**Sort of.)

The NAKED COWBOY from NYC, is a write-in candidate for the Mayor of New York position. His resume' isn't too shabby. He has a degree in political sciences and is the son of a councilman (not sure of locale). I give him credit for even thinking he has a chance against Michael Bloomberg's BILLIONS. I guess "dress code" is one of the platforms he is promoting - go figure! I would imagine he wants more "casual" attire for everything.

The glorious fence as erected this very day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking to the back of the fence, going UNDER my huge pine tree.

I received a call from another neighbor this afternoon, asking me "do you own a tape measure?" I'm like, "well, yes." He wanted me to go measure the height of the fence. I told him I thought it was a 6 foot fence, but when the guys were nailing it together - it towered over both of them. Well, guess what?? it is EIGHT feet tall. The zoning ordinance is NO higher than 6 foot.

These people have screwed up from the beginning, by NOT getting a building permit, which is the way to start a project like this. When getting the permit, a plan has to be submitted to the Zoning Board (which I was President of for six years), they would see that all criteria is met, i.e., dimensions. the next stop is to post a Legal Notice in the paper with a deadline for all those in the neighborhood to express agreement or disagreement. Then a Zoning Board hearing would be held to arrive at a final decision. Usually, if there are none disagreeing, the permit is issued immediately.

I do not want these people to lose the huge sum of money they have tied up in this fence....but I don't want the fence more. Hopefully, there will be an amicable solution to this situation soon.

Time to post this, I have been hacking at it for a good deal of the day. My how my mind wanders. Catch ya..............Later............


Mnmom said...

That naked cowboy has some beautiful thighs, just sayin.

At least they put the pretty side out on that fence, but 8 feet?? Most idiots know 6' is the limit. Can you say circular saw? Here they'd be receiving a hefty fine for building without a permit. Our city inspectors are Nazis but at least everyone is protected.

Mommy Lisa said...

I think that neighbors like that need to lose their money so they learn how to live with others nicely.