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Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is the first year, I don't have to worry about anyone being drunk at JITH. I posted about this event last year, and the end result of that weekend was my two daughters fighting, and having a miserable time. Not this year! Woohoo. Thedaughter is working and enjoying what she can on TV. Daughter2 is at JITH as far as I know, so I hope she has a good time and doesn't over-indulge too much.

In the past this four day event was televised from beginning to end, with one or two performers "not allowing" their acts to be televised. This year, with the economy being in the toilet, WTOV had trouble finding sponsors as in the past, so only Thursday evening and all day today will be televised. Grrr....

I'm not totally disappointed as the lineup this year essentially SUCKS! Here is a list of past line ups for this event. If you notice, Garth Brooks was here in 1990 - one of the many years I attended - and after the show, he made the statement, "they can't pay me enough to perform in a cow pasture again" - and refused to return. This was when he was just "coming up" in the industry. I've always had a hard time seeing him as a mega star - with that attitude. A lot of stars, bigger than Brooks have been here repeatedly.

This year is so different though, weather wise. The third weekend in July (meteorological fact) has proven that this is the most ideal, less rain weekend for the event. Although, I remember the one year I had to pay $50 to have my car PULLED out of the mud. But today is abnormally cool - 70 degrees, cloudy and possibly a rain shower later. None of this deters the die hard party animal.

But this is where my ass will be parked for most of the day - enjoying the performers (can't wait for Neal McCoy) and the closing act of Toby Keith. By that time thedaughter will be home and I will either be sipping on an appletini or my Cafe' Zin.

Have a great weekend all...and catch ya.....later..........


Anonymous said...

I finally grew up and realized there is more out there than fighting with idiots who can't hold there liquor...so props to me. Making money is more important so Ican save for another wonderful more memorable vacation than any of the experiences I have ever had at Jambo.


Peruby said...

My horror story of JITH:


I agree that the lineups seem to be quite disappointing anymore.

Brooks is a pansy-ass who doesn't qualify to be country if he can't sing in a cow pasture.