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Monday, July 20, 2009


For openers, check this out. Theson has been in Egypt waaaay too long now. Luckily he had his camera with him and got a pic of this business sign in Alexandria. Scary, huh??? I can see all the child porn/pedophiles heading there now!

About 1 am this morning, I was awakened by very loud noises on my front porch (my bedroom faces this porch), my dog and cat both darted out of the bedroom, my heart is racing - having no idea what the hell is going on. I'm not sure how to explain that "fear" that goes through your body - but I trudge straight to the living room door and open it to see WTF is going on. Never thinking that someone could have a hammer or weapon to "do me in" at any time. As I get ready to open the storm door, I hear a cat's WAILING, and now figure it is the neighbor's tom cat Oreo. As soon as I opened the door - I see a black and white flash go off the porch and across the street - yep, that would be Oreo. I never even gave another thought as to what the cat was carrying on about.

I get up this morning to water my plants and this is what I see behind my glider:

Cat hair everywhere. Behind the glider, in front of the glider, all over the porch. I tried to sweep the hairs off and since the deck is newly stained - the hair does NOT want to be picked up and swept away. I'm going to have to get the hose out later.

Oreo is, as I stated a tom cat and the neighbors living behind us, recently found and adopted a female cat (Kit Kat) which is not allowed indoors and now roams the neighborhood. That is one thing we have never really had a problem with here - dogs running loose, yes - but not cats. By the looks of all the hair - I would say Oreo managed to get Kit Kat pretty good - in one way or another, if you catch my drift.

I'm surprised I didn't hear the cat screams sooner than I did - but I know my pets knew everything long before me.

I hate when I am startled awake such as this - because it takes forever for my heart to settle down, and I started having chest pains shortly after. It seemed like it took forever for the pain to subside. Since I had the triple bypass years ago (6 or 7 - can't remember) I was never given anymore nitro pills...so I just do some deep breathing to get as much oxygen flowing as possible. I was very close to calling 911 or getting thedaughter awake. I won't even begin to start on falling through the cracks of health care. I am feeling better now, that is what counts.

Yesterdays temps may have broken records for being the coolest in a long while. The high was 67* and cloudy. Today is supposed to be mid 70's and rain - lovely. I am hoping to start washing the walls in the bathroom here in short time. I've been putting it off, as it involves a lot of stooping and up and down off the step stool - but I have to get this chore completed. Again with my OCD I guess.

Till something more newsworthy happens....I shall return...later..........


PENolan said...

Hope you get that cat hair off the deck. You remain an inspiration to me on account of your trustworthy children and your fiesty vulnerability.

Mauigirl said...

I know how scary it is to be wakened by the commotion of a cat fight - or worse. We used to have a pack of 3 roaming dogs that would come out at night (they had collars so I can only guess someone owned them and let them out at night maybe when they came home from a second-shift job or something?). And my neighbor had (still has) lots of outdoor cats. Those dog would corner a cat and in several cases the cat got killed or badly wounded. I would be wakened by the barking and run outside with nothing but a robe on, barefoot (even in the winter!) and try to chase away the dogs. Our cats have always been indoor cats so I knew it wasn't ours but that didn't keep me from panic. An awful feeling.