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Thursday, July 30, 2009


(L) Chad Dojack - Bridgeport, OH (R) Barry Carpenter - Martins Ferry, OH

I posted this on June 17th, which was only about two weeks before the surrogate twins were born, and then taken home by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

When the birth mother went into labor, the local hospital was like a madhouse, with all the security and paparazzi hanging around. Getting in to the hospital to visit or have tests, or doctor's appointments was worse than the TSA at the airport.

A special prosecutor was selected weeks ago, to handle all info as gathered by the BCI. Continually, on the news, these two men both reiterated their innocence - which is what one does when caught red-handed, I guess.

Along with both of these police chiefs, a relative (through marriage) of Dojack's has also been indicted. We are being led to believe that the charges will be released Friday, so we should know more at that time. I would assume burglary would at least be charged...but that is only a guess. It could get interesting - I know that both are completely capable of committing the crimes...small town cops are not always honest you know. I don't think I'm bursting anyone's balloon on that one.

I will have to patiently await tomorrow's announcement of the charges. Both police chiefs and one other were taken to the jail Wednesday evening and booked, but immediately released. I heard no mention of bail - and feel that they should be treated like the asses they are, and have to cough up some bucks.

The third individual is {{shock}} the Bridgeport mayor's son - father-in-law of Chad Dojack. How fu**ing interesting. Locally, most residents are just waiting to see how this will all play out in the court system. I truly believe that had the National Enquirer and SJP not been involved - this would have been handled much like all other "swept under the carpet" cases. In a way, I am glad that they literally "screwed up" on a bigger stage.

These two police officers are at the Court house at this very moment - for their arraignment. The local news has promised to update us on the charges quite soon.

Barry Carpenter just returned recently from a vacation to Hawaii AND Aruba. Not bad on a small town police chief's wage. I didn't even get around to describing the HUGE house he recently built either. No inferences here though!!

I messed up last night, when I started this post. I thought I "published" the damn thing, but apparently only saved the draft - sorry for the lateness. We were dealing with having no water (another water line break somewhere) and getting dinner, and NEVER finding out how long water would be off. When one is not prepared for such an event - and you think we would - it caused complete chaos.

I'm outta here for now...my back is causing me excruciating pain. Have a great day - we have torrential rains at the moment, with flood warnings! I shall return....later...........


slyght said...

i miss the rain. and swedishchefdave hates cairo. hahah

Blonde Goddess said...

Now you see why I don't watch the news OR read the paper...

It's pouring rain here too.
No flooding that I know of, but I don't live in a flood plane.

jadedj said...

Being caught red-handed is precisely the sort of thing that used to get people tarred and feathered. The evidence is, once someone has been t and f'd, they mend their ways, and no longer offend against the rest of us...the pain and humiliation and all. For sure it kept down the jail population, methinks. And of course, there is also branding...eliminates court costs, etc.


they're not going to like prison..