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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So much garbage running through my head I just don't know what to write about today...so I'm taking a break of sorts.

Thinking about what to prepare for dinner tomorrow...and the possibilities appear to be endless. there is the Palin canned special - as seen here.

I'm not sure what food group this falls into...but if we don't like it - the dog will!

I'm sure everyone has wondered what this little can of goodies might taste like...but it definitely won't be me to pass the info on.
For years, and I mean years...my father had a can of diamondback rattlesnake meat in our pantry. Every time I would clean the shelves and run across this delicacy, I begged the parents to let me throw it away. Oh nooooooo... dad was going to try it one day. I do believe it was still hiding in the pantry when I moved out of their house. But I remember Graham Kerr - the Galloping Gourmet preparing a dish using the exact can of snake meat. If anyone remembers Kerr, he made no bones about showing disgust if the meal he prepared was gross - this was the reaction I remember.

I have been watching the Sotomayor hearings before the senate on CNN as our C-Span only aired the first day. I have gotten to the point I want to jump through the boob tube and throttle a few ignorant senators. The racist Jeff Sessions can jump off a cliff as far as I'm concerned.
The "wise Latina" statement has gotten out of hand. I'm a little upset that she has back downed from that original statement - as it definitely makes sense. I think her move is more of an appeasement than anything else. But over and over these senators are leaving off the last few words that corroborate the statement - thus ending up with an insulting remark. Good grief.

Our Jamboree In The Hills begins tomorrow, and in the past our local TV station has covered the entire show (Thurs-Sun). Unfortunately, this year they are only televising Thursday and Saturday. If the lineup were a great one I would be more pissed - but the lineup SUCKS!!

Also, we do not have a big name cable company in our neighborhood - we have an independently owned service. As of July 31st we are losing our only 2 local channels (WTOV and WTRF), and therefore, will not have access to local news at all. Supposedly, he cannot reach a financial agreement with either station....this has me pissed, not to mention quite a few in the neighborhood. If we could switch to Comcast, which I don't relish, it would be great. that is not an option. I'm not a happy camper to say the least.

The lights will be coming on, on the deck soon and the air is cooling off - another nice evening for me here on the back deck.

I'll check back ................... later.......................


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

For someone who didn't have anything to say, you sure said a lot.

Peruby said...

Our local channels are dropping off one by one. We lost WTRF (Wheeling) and a Cleveland station. We still get WTOV but I wonder for how long.

themom said...

Dr. MVM: I was thinking the same thing after I posted. Must be my personality - and not knowing when to shut up!! :)

Peruby: I hate this...as of this moment - we have NO CBS station. Some of my favorites are on that channel.

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law has a canned truffle she brought back from France that is about fifty years old.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Oy! These are some food choices heah! Think I'll pass on them all. Did that can of Pork Brains in Milk actually say a person would get, like, 1000%+ of their RDA of cholesterol from eating it? Why not just put a bullet in the old heart? It's a tad quicker.

ThePoliticalCat said...

And to think that I originally stopped by to comment that I agreed with your remark about "wise latinas" obviously having a different perspective than rich, privileged white males. Food. It's just one of my weaknesses.