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Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have made a nice little cozy area on the front deck.

Thegrandson was tickled, I told him he could even eat his meals here if he desired. He thinks we got the bar set for him...duh?!?!

This is where I park my lard butt. I have a small TV beside the bar and the deck has mounted lights around the railing - so it is quite enjoyable.

I placed the two additional Adirondack chairs in the corner (cushions are off because storm is coming) and this will be nice if I want to entertain - haha!

After putting everything back onto both porches - the pain my body was experiencing was awful. After thedaughter got home from work and ran her errands...we decided to just chill on the back deck. Two appletinis and a little smoke, I was better than fine! Thedaughter gets a good chuckle if I even appear to be drunk - and let me tell you, those two drinks managed to do the job.

I slept relatively good as well - thanks to the Smirnoff. Today will be a "day of nothing" as a storm is rolling in and I won't get to enjoy the outside that much.

Usually the rains come from the west and blow into the canopied area - I might give it a shot till I start to get drenched. Since the back deck gets ALL the evening sun - the canopy keeps some of that heat and bright sunlight from coming through the back sliding door.

I have a huge pile of garbage ready for the dump, as the back deck accumulates all the "what to do with" stuff during the winter months. I've made an executive decision that it will be discarded.

Have a great weekend all....and I shall return....later....


giggles said...

Beautiful!! What a comfy and welcoming and homey place!!!!!!!


slyght said...

i miss cracking a brew, sitting on the back deck, and pondering over the vastness of the stars and space. can't wait to come home.

Cali said...

Hello, I've been lurking for about a week. Sorry, but I don't recall how I got here in the first place. Probably from a comment you left somewhere. Anyway, I think your decks are lovely! I'd love to spend time there enjoying a little smoke. (I can't drink, I'm on morphine.)

I have a suggestion. Instead of throwing your "what to do with" stuff in the landfill, how about offering it up on Craig's List or on Freecycle? Freecycle, if you're unfamiliar, is a Yahoo! group that seeks to avoid throwing things away that others might need or find a use for. People offer things or request things and the receiving person usually picks the items up. If you wouldn't be comfortable with strangers coming to your house, you can always deliver the items or meet someplace public. I've received some great stuff (like my brass bed!) and right now I'm waiting for a woman to come and pick up a small animal cage. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

themom said...

giggles: I certainly will.

slyght: It's all waiting for ya!!

Cali: Welcome and thanks for the nice words. Stop back soon.

Cali said...

I remember where I saw your comment that brought me here! It was at Joe. My. God. I think.