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Thursday, July 09, 2009


This picture was taken two years ago, but I place it here to visualize my side lot. My lot extends to within approximately 2 feet of the concrete driveway on the left. We bought this house and moved in, April of 1986, and have been paying taxes on this lot since that time.

My neighbor, recently sold her house which was finalized yesterday around 3 pm, with all the money exchanges, loans and paperwork completed. By 6 pm, the new owners and relatives, comprising about nine cars, all showed up at this house, parking in MY side yard.

Thedaughter made the comment, "you realize that this lot is ours, don't you?" To which they replied "NO, our contract includes an additional lot and we paid extra for that." The argument ensued. It was more conversational - not really confrontational, as there was more shock from their camp.

I explained that I have been paying taxes on this property since I bought this house 23 years ago. I also explained that at one time it was completely fenced in along the property lines. In these past 23 years, I have removed a major amount of flora and fauna, as there was no placement logic, in most of the green stuff. Now, we have had a gorgeous lawn on the side for the past nine years.

The people (or clan I might say) are slightly pissed (as I am too), and all we could advise was to contact the realtor that led them through the property and to get a survey done for clarity. Many years ago, it was common practice that a survey was performed on all properties being sold/purchased. I know I am not paying for one, as I have the clear deed and by rights of 23 years - I'm standing firm.

Did I mention that they are "dirty asses?" I hate to use that term, but can't think of a more appropriate one at the moment. It was like the Clampett's moving in, with everything tied to the top of cars and stuff dripping over the sides of the beater pick-up trucks.

Thegrandson knows the two children, as they attend the same school and ride the same bus. My intention is not to piss off the "new" folks...but I will stand firm on ownership. The sad part, is there is very little yard for children to play for these folks.

Essentially, I am not shocked that his happened, as the "former" neighbor told me she was not going to have any problems getting $97,500 for her house since she had the "extra lot." I asked her several times, "where is your extra lot?" - never receiving an answer. So, for the past four weeks, I had an underlying feeling that this could become an issue.

This will be interesting as it unfolds, so I will update when necessary. Thedaughter wants to immediately put up a fence along the property, but I like "open" space and would hate to go back to being "fenced in."

I am reading this morning that Massachusetts is suing the federal government over the DOMA. A bold stance I must say, but truly wonderful. It should be interesting to see how this issue will be addressed. For clarity on the state level and fairness - DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) needs to be nullified. Kudos to Mass.

I got into a loooong drawn out discussion with a group of friends last night, over the accomplishments of the Obama administration. The general consensus was that he is doing a good job, considering the mess he walked into. None of us are 100% happy with all the decision, which is a hard number to reach with any administration.

We all, also agreed that it is amazing that the detractors of Obama, are trashing him rather prematurely. But to get into the rethug mentality is almost a waste of my time and breath. Logic, facts and accurate data are no deterrent to these bigots, and the ones I speak of are very bigoted. No one point blank says they hate Obama because he is black...they just whip out the racial slurs and jokes. A real sign of intelligence there, wouldn't you say. If you want to argue with me, you better come armed with facts first. Although I get mad at these comments, I have not addressed them as I honestly desire.

I will not and never have tolerated bigotry and prejudice. I take my stances seriously, and will not even argue a point if I have no statistics to back my stance. But I am surrounded by those who march to evangelical, Conservative talking points and spin. No REAL facts mind you, just the blathering of haters. I use the word "hate" very little in my life, because it is such a strong emotion. Hate can drive people to unimaginable lengths. I refuse to let a force like tht own me.

Enough of that for now. The back deck is completed (yesterday), and we will probably have the front deck completed today. Thank you Mother Nature for cooperating these past few days with all this sunshine. While the outside task is being completed, I hope to get some major cleaning done INSIDE. Thedaughter is off today (as yesterday), so maybe I will get some assistance.

Have a great one all, and I shall return.........LATER...............


Warped Mind of Ron said...

I agree. Seems like all I heard from about 3 days of Obama taking office is how he hasn't solved a darn thing and look how far we are in debt. I mean the guy was there for 3 DAYS!!! I try to be fair so I am waiting at least a year before I do a serious review of what he has and has not done. I mean I didn't vote for Bush, but I didn't jump on the hatred bandwagon on day one, I held off for almost a year before finalizing my decision on how he was as President.

giggles said...

Sorry about the....this is cruel..white trash..and worse that your grandson knows them... You may be able to go after the realtor/previous owner for deceptive sales practices..... They should have all known the true size of the lot.... Shit... Look it up on Zillow.com and see waht that website says...drag out the old deed... Work for you, but hopefully fruitful work...

Imagine having to make decisions based on what Obama NOW knows..... He could make promises on what he knew BEFORE he became Prez... I expect he has a whole new perspective.....

Good luck!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You've got to forcefully defend your property lines sometimes. Go to court if you have to.

LL Cool Joe said...

Geez I hate neighbours, even "nice neighours".

Hopefully you'll be able to sort the issue out without it turning nasty. We've actually moved from houses we've loved because of fall outs with the neighbours over barking dogs, shared parking spaces etc.

Good luck!

CDP said...

I agree with Dr. M.; you might end up in court. Having other families' children play on your lot is one thing...if that's all it is, I wouldn't mind, as long as they're not destructive. But having cars parked on my grass would drive me crazy. Good luck, I hope it all works out.

Liberality said...

I don't like the term "white trash" or anything that approaches that term any more than I like it when people use the "N" word--and if I know them well enough they will hear it from me personally.

Now if someone is ignorant that is another matter. You can be ignorant reguardless your social economic status or the color of your skin.

kenju said...

You may have to pay for a surveyor to come out. It would help if you check your original deed and show them the plat map.

John said...

I would be furious and I agree with thedaughter that a fencee might be in order. With all their vehicles they are bound to inch more and more on to your property.

I would start by calling the realtor that sold the property and complain to them and insist that THEY do all the work and expense of surveying, etc. The new owners will have a viable lawsuit against the realtor if they were deceived in any way. I would let them know that too (and you still are the nice neighbor). Good luck!

Oh, the ABC World News headline last night was "Ohio, Oh No No" regarding Obama and his popularity there. Don't you love how Ohio gets so much attention!