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Monday, July 27, 2009


For all the "birthers" out there....you must be right. Stanley Ann Dunham, must have been the most intelligent and well-connected woman in the history of our country, as we know it.

As a very young woman - 18 years of age, she marries a "black" man, unaware that he was still married to a woman in Kenya, and she was 3 months pregnant (shame) - yet, knowing that she was carrying the 44th President of the United States of America...in her womb. Oh my, and the realities and complications this may cause later in her son's life, being married to a foreigner - yet having to ensure no complications in documenting her son's (future President) birth on American soil, were almost insurmountable.

Let's see now...she would have had to have some well-connected sources within the medical, media and government to pull this off. I can visualize her rushing to the hospital (and her connection) stating "my son is going to be the 44th POTUS and I need you to dummy up a birth record, so it will look like he was born in America, and I'm just so glad that Hawaii is now part of the U.S." Then she would rush off to the local newspaper offices and have a birth announcement prepared and posted in the paper, almost immediately after his birth.

I'm also sure that she would have had to follow that up with a visit to her connection in the Department of Records in Hawaii to follow up and make it a certainty that her son's birth record has been certified and has that all important state seal, please.

That would be one very well connected and tired 18 year old woman. Granted, she had only started her college level matriculation, so she may have been a little wet behind the ears yet. But to be able to pull off the kind of BS these birthers are claiming - is ludicrous.

We do know that Obama's mother was one intelligent woman, having received her Doctorate in 1992 from the University of Hawaii. Thirty one years after Barack's birth. As far as I know, Barack always went by Obama - I cannot find anything stating he was adopted by Soetoro (I could be wrong on that). But, the racist group that is perpetuating this idea around the country - believe they are right in their assumption. Not that any has come up with concrete evidence to the contrary.

Without government intervention in favor of McCain's father (military), he would not be eligible to be President. The Panama Canal Zone had issues as to U.S. territory, at the time of his birth.

These FREAKS who are perpetrating this sham - have no answers. G. Gordon Liddy kept emphasizing on Chris Matthew's show last week, about an affidavit from Obama's step-grandmother, stating that she was present at Obama's birth in a Mombasa, Kenya hospital. Apparently no such document exists - and if it did - what hospital might that have been? Are there no records maintained there? DUH!?!?

Most are squawking because the birth certificate offered states "record of live birth." Even the state of Hawaii has released a statement, that that is all any person receives now that all paper documents were destroyed - to go electronic in 2001.

Apparently my birth certificate would not be acceptable either - it only lists parents, date of birth, city of birth and the state seal. It was good enough to obtain a passport. BIRTH RECORDS contain information such as hospital, and attending physician, time of birth, weight and length. Again, my "birth record" has a lot deleted, as I was adopted. When I found my original birth record (which is issued even if child is given up for adoption), my biological mother's name is listed - no father, no hospital - as I was born in the home, and time is given as an approximate.

As long as these "birthers" get air time in the media - they will go down in history as the Obama Birther Conspirators.

Enough is enough already. There are certainly more important issues to be dealt with in the country. So I say to all you RACISTS - get a fukking life!


Lemmy Caution said...

LOVE this post!

Good stuff indeed!!

Sidhe said...

Great post and it got me thinking...his mother, as smart as she may be, would have had to have some outside intervention to pull this off. My guess would be...aliens!

John said...

These idiots have been beating a dead horse for far too long.