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Friday, July 24, 2009


Thegrandson had a wonderful day yesterday. He got to enjoy his swim lesson and then to the movies - G-Force 3D.

I cannot even begin to remember the last movie I saw in 3-D, and I do remember that the glasses were made of cardboard though. Apparently some of the brain cells are still alive. Maybe I am just old...but this 3-D was "awesome." There was a damn pesky fly (Moochie) in the movie - and I spent so much time swatting at the damn thing, I probably looked like I needed to be back in the home. Compared to the "olden" days - this was a whole step up in technology for me. (Can you tell I don't go to the movies very often?)

I do enjoy a movie, where I don't have to really think or analyze, and this was exactly what I needed. I was almost convinced that these guinea pigs and other critters could honestly talk. Also, recognizing the voices of these real actors - I begin to even put their faces and mannerisms to each animal. I was totally impressed and managed to get plenty of laughs as a bonus.

Darwin (voice of Sam Rockwell) is the leader of the unit of scientifically engineered F.B.I. Special Agents. There is Juarez (voice of Penelope Cruz), Blaster (voice Tracy Morgan), Speckles, a mole (voice of Nicholas Cage). Another recognizable voice was Steve Buscemi, as a hamster with issues! Not a big role - but very entertaining.

If you have the time and the $$$ (we won't discuss that expense here), take a break and get out and see this one - with the kids, grandkids or Grammy and grand pap. Everyone needs a laugh now and then!

Have you noticed that some representatives in Congress (and Senate) are confusing people, by juxtaposing "health care" with "health insurance?" The Michelle Bachmann's and Rep. Foxx have both stated that "there is no one in America without health care!" (This was also a phrase of George W.) Aha - this may be true to a point, as anyone can walk into an ER, get treated and then sit back and wait for excruciatingly painful HIGH medical bills to come in the mail. Enough debt to either force bankruptcy or just eternal debt. Someone has missed the point of "affordable" health care.
I have been reading people's comments here and there, and so many (rethugs) are saying that a health care reform package can't be accepted yet, because the bill is over 1,000 pages long. Considering, that no bill has yet been prepared - just outlines of which directions are acceptable - the BS is flying!
The "birthers" out there have gotten on my last nerve also. Liz Cheney refuses to echo the absurdity of this claim, thus perpetuating the lie. Lou Dobbs needs to follow the path of Glen Beck and head over to the hair-pulling staion (Faux)! G. Gordon Liddy was reduced to a pile of mush on Chris Matthew's show the other night. The only statement he reiterated over and over, was that there is a certified affidavit from Obama's "step grandmother", that she was present at his birth in Mombasa, Kenya. Since Liddy inferred that he was born in a hospital there, Matthews asked him why wasn't a birth certificate presented from whatever hospital it was - no reply.
I have to also add here...my certified birth certificate, from the state of West Virginia, lists my parents name and date of birth - nothing more, nothing less. I was not born in a hospital, there is no attending physician's name - none of the things that all these birthers want to have on a piece of paper. This would have to be one of the largest con games in the world - that all this collusion began in 1961 - and Obama's mother wanted to ensure that her son would be President of the United States of America. That would be one helluva lady!
A storm is rolling in, so have to make sure things are not going to fly away outside. I shall return.....later............


Nan said...

Hate to be a nitpicker, but it's not true anyone can just walk into an ER and be treated. If it's not a public hospital and what you have is not life-threatening, you can be turned away -- e.g., a bad cut that would heal better with stitches but you're not likely to die in the next day or two if you just wrap a rag around it. It happens all the time -- and sometimes even when it is life-threatening.

Cali said...

First, I have to address the last sentence of the previous commentor: It is illegal in all 50 states for any hospital to refuse to treat any person with a life threatening emergency. The prospective patient doesn't have to have insurance, a good credit score or even a single dollar to be treated. The idea that a hospital would be permitted to turn away a gravely ill person makes me almost as angry as...

... the "birthers." These people remind me of the Flat Earth Society. No matter how much proof they are shown they refuse to concede their incorrect ideas. They are either racists who can't come to grips with the idea that we now have a black president or they are just plain stupid.

BTW, my birth certificate doesn't have any signatures on it either, except my mother's. The kind of birth certificate they keep screaming about with "the raised seal," and doctor's signature isn't an official certificate of live birth, the legal name of such a document. The kind of birth certificate they keep asking to see is not legally valid, it's merely a souvenir birth certificate issued by the hospital when one is born. Usually, they have the infant's foot prints on the back and a gold foil sticker with little ribbons on the front. They are not legally valid for a Social Security card, a passport or school registration. The really funny thing is that when they are shown Obama's Certificate of Live Birth they claim that it's not a "real birth certificate." Give me a break! If they weren't raising hell about this it would be something else, you can count on that.