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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


With the sexual escapades of some big name politician's recently - the name C STREET, keeps popping into the conversations. The more I have heard and now have read, about this organization, in my humble opinion I feel there needs to be some form of investigation into this cult-like fraternity.

This C STREET residence is called "The Family" or the "Fellowship" at varying times and according to whomever may be speaking about the group. Essentially, this is a group of MEN which comprise a secretive fundamentalist Christian sect (my words).

The group was founded in 1935 by Abraham Vereide in Seattle. He was a Norwegian immigrant who perpetuated and has the group emulate the leaderships of Hitler, Stalin and Mao - who the group claims - understood the New Testament best. He also espoused that the New Testament is about POWER. Vereide claimed that God came to him in a dream and said "I want you to minister NOT to the down and out, but to the up and out - the powerful."

That statement, in and of itself, is very frightening. The members of this group all claim that they are "chosen" and above all rules and laws. Wives of these men take a wholly subservient position in their lives also - as can be seen by Gov. Mark Sanford and his wife.

Some names I have discovered, that are members include: Sens. Brownback, DeMint, Grassley, Inhofe, Thune, Enzi, Domenici, Pryor, Coates and Ensign (of recent philandering status).

The annual National Prayer Breakfast was encouraged by this group by approaching Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower allowed the first Breakfast, but hoped it would not be perpetuated. Unfortunately, he was mistaken. A major amount of lobbying by religious groups takes place during the weeks leading up to this breakfast event.

Also, these Senators, Representatives and some Governors are making trips to other countries, some funded by this group and some on taxpayer dollars - to speak with foreign leaders and preach their secret doctrine known as the "Seven Mountains Mandate". This mandate is that the believers seek to gain world control, by gaining influence in seven specific areas i.e., government, media, education, religion, arts and entertainment, business and family.

It would appear to be a very elitist group, dominated by wealthy white males. I see a racist undertone, wouldn't you say?

This house on C STREET, was a former convent with a chapel, and to this day is listed as a church, thus avoiding property taxes on the building. At any given time, there appears to be at least six men who reside there, paying only $600 a month rent. This is definitely an area that needs to be investigated. Again, this eclectic group places themselves above the law.

Jeff Sharlet has been a guest on several news shows of late, and penned this book in 2008, after spending a brief time residing at C Street. He refers to the greatest effect of The Family is the influence of their ideas - the elite fundamentalism ideas, free-market fundamentalism, trickling down into popular fundamentalism.

Sharlet also has inferred that some of the travels undertaken by these men are in violation of federal laws. The group moves money around in such a manner - that an investigation could take years to complete.

I'm curious, if voters were aware that those they have voted for were members of this group - would they vote differently?

I believe in separation of church and state to the fullest. Our right to religious freedoms also include not having a religious view. Whereas this group is trying to convince non-democratic countries that prayer is the answer, as long as it carries through with THEIR beliefs. They have been to Serbia, Sudan, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Pakistan. Lebanon, a country of religious unrest saw Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), travel on The Family's dime, telling the government that the solution to their problems is to create more Christian prayer cells - like C Street. DUH!?!?

An excellent read can be found here. It is quite long, but answers so many questions. Wayne Madsen has definitely covered all the bases. This CHRISTIAN MAFIA is one frightening band of men. Before I forget, Both Bill and Hillary Clinton had ties to this group also. That really pissed me off. This may end up being the new question at future town hall meetings on campaign trails.

The groups Illuminati and Opus Dei are supposedly fables....C STREET is not! There is so much I could still carry on about, but if you read the sources by Sharlet and Madsen...a lot of questions can be answered.

More reading to get through....I shall return later...........


Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I have been following this story with shock and disgust but not surprise. Aren't many of these members the same assholes who tried to have Clinton impeached while having affairs of their own? Well light in the best disinfectant so I hope that by shining the light on this group will cause them distress.

Nan said...

Well, the guys who live there are kind of a mixed bag, because it tends to change with each Congressional election. I'm reluctant to lump them all together because my former Congressman (Bart Stupak) is one of them, and my impression of him back when we lived in upper Michigan was that he's a pretty decent guy. I disagreed with him on some issues, but he always seemed head and shoulders above the typical Congress critter. (At any rate he doesn't leave a slime trail when he walks like his predecessor did.)

Annette said...

I will read this article.. I wrote up a post on this too.. This place is scary I think.. very much so..

Thanks for posting it..

jadedj said...

Thanks for posting this. This is my first visit here (via Utah Savage) and I will be back.

I always raise an eyebrow when someone informs me that they KNOW what God wants...especially when the same such morons proclaim that God has CHOSEN them to tell the rest of us what God wants. Basically, I don't give a shit what they, or God want, if God is talking to them...or any other human being for that matter.

themom said...

CCofC: I believe you may be right about those and the Clinton impeachment. Welcome back.

Nan: It appears that those who frequent this "place" should be all lumped together, unless they are just being "preened" for admission. This is one scary bunch of nutjobs.

Annette: I managed to read the entire article (all 65 pages) and this group just cries out for an investigation on so many fronts.

jadedj: Well welcome then. Utah is my idol and a great writer. I am with you as to the regligious views. I let all my children make up their own minds as to what they choose to believe in - after researching of course. We are all agnostic/atheist.

jadedj said...

Same here. We give our children the FACTS and they can make up their own minds. Medieval poppycock has no place with us.

Professor Chaos said...

The more I hear about this group, the more they creep me out. I hope this story gets a lot more publicity. Let's drag these nutjobs out into the light!

Lisa said...

Interesting. I hadn't heard of them. I'm curious now to learn more. Thanks for posting this.


Im telling you..them religious groups scare the crap out of me more than the irani's, chinese and north koreans put together..they strike from within...

slyght said...

but you were in on indoctrinating us.... i want credit for breaking the mold. hah. love ya.

Mnmom said...

Scary crap indeed.

Nan said...

Given that Stupak is one of the few Congress critters that isn't owned by Big Pharma, and who has been pushing hard for an improved health care system, I'm extremely reluctant to lump him in with nut jobs like Inhofe. Ideologically they've always been at opposite ends of the spectrum. He's also always kept his religious beliefs private. I'm going to have to check with the S.O. and see if any of this stuff has been getting talked about in Michigan.

Lisa G said...

Excellent post - I've been reading you for a while - most of your posts are quite hilarious, but this one is alarming, to say the least. I'll read the article you recommended. Nice research, btw.

rennratt said...

This is freaking CREEPY.

I'm clicking the link, printing, and taking my time reading it.

Thanks for the heads up.

BTW, I completely believe that The Illuminati and Opus Dei are REAL. Some stuff is just too weird NOT to be true.

themom said...

Prof. Chaos: I think that would be a prudent idea. But the "clique" in D.C. will manage to keep it all under-wraps.

Lisa: Anytime dear!!! I have to get over and check out the "cosmetics."

yellowdog granny: you and me both!

slyght: you can have all the credit in the world. But we had to start somewhere to end up where you are now!!

Mnmom: YUP!!

Nan: We will have to wait and asee I guess where all this leads.

Lisa G: Thanks for commenting. Please come back anytime!

rennratt: I also have beliefs that the Illuminati and Opus Dei exist.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for posting this - I didn't know much about this group other than its connection to the recent philanderers. This is downright scary. I'm also upset about the Clinton connections to it. I remember hearing during the campaign in early 2008 that Hillary was connected to some cultish religious group but didn't realize this was it.

Sidhe said...

Wow! Thanks for the link, I'm wading through it now and it is very, very enlightening. I have been feeling as though there was an attempt at increasing Christian power over our government but until now I thought that it was some disjointed, haphazard movement. I see now that there is more, much more, to it. Thanks again.

trinnydecca said...

I'm not sure that Ike ever intended the national prayer breakfast to be temporary. Eisenhower also instituted the "under God" as in "one nation, under God" in the pledge of allegiance as a way for us to distinguish ourselves from the "Godless pinko-commies". Not sure if he had a religious agenda or if it was political move that was pandering to those who saw the Soviet Union as a huge threat at the time.