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Saturday, July 04, 2009


The Sarah Palin announcement of resignation was a shock to most Americans, no matter the party affiliation. I have received nasty comments, due to my glee over this event. One was from a family member, who is on a polar opposite politically and religiously. She referred to this resignation, if due to an illegal act as a precursor for all of Obama's illegal acts to be exposed. WTF???

Let's see, Palin was found culpable in the Troopergate investigation by an impartial committee, but when reviewed by a partisan group, just the opposite was declared. Hmmm.... There are still many ethics complaints to be addressed, but the outcome will remain to be seen with this departure from office.

While campaigning with McCrackhead, the vile lies that came out of her mouth, became fodder for the tin foil crowd of the GOP. She mastered the art of "talking points" as spoon fed to her by the minions of McC. In watching most of those speeches, I looked at this woman, saw her expressions, listened to her mish mash of words, and thought "she honestly doesn't have a clue." Her supporters hung on every words as gospel - without daring to check sources or facts. My favorite was her claim of Obama's association with a "known terrorist" Bill Ayers. Had she lived through the late 60's early 70's and researched Ayer's group, she would have realized what they were actually protesting against and the outcome of those protests. But no...he became the slaughterer of thousands.

I honestly believe that her followers were taken in because she is an attractive lady and since McCain selected this woman and assured his base that she was thoroughly vetted - everything would be OK with the world.

Her propensity for the whacked out extreme church in Wasilla with African medicine men performing ritual services, was a little over the top for me. Being an atheist, I am probably in her book of shame and damned to hell for eternity. But get over yourself. I am a good person, with ethics and morals, which by definition, do not have to come directly out of the book of fables. This issue doesn't even phase me that much.

Essentially, my gripe with Palin was her lack of knowledge and intelligence. Politically, she has/had no clue about the mechanics of the GOP on the large scale. She has delusions of grandeur still, that she will move up in the ranks of this antiquated, extreme party. That remains to be seen.

I detested the fact that she manipulated and used her family for her trials and tribulations. She couldn't utter one sentence without blaming the "mainstream" media for her ills. Now, if this investigation into her possibly tainted association with an Alaskan contractor comes to fruition...it will be the mainstream media's fault. Of course it will, the MM made her choose this select company to build a white elephant of a sports complex in Wasilla, with multiple millions of dollars in cost overruns. Then....use this company to build her luxurious home on the lake. Between what she may face with the DOJ and the IRS, I say she may be cooked.

As for Trig - she managed over and over, to insinuate that all the barbs coming her way were directed at her child. More manipulation. Not being callous, but he is not the first special needs child and he won't be the last - and be that as it may, no one on the larger spectrum - ever denigrated that little boy.

I won't even get into the child out of wedlock, because that happens around this country on a regular basis. But her feelings of being the elite spokesperson to family values is slightly amiss. It is what it is - get over yourself.

Back to the family comment (mine), I wonder what "illegal" acts this person thinks should be revealed about Pres. Obama? None that I am aware of. And secrets, what may they be? Maybe this relative knows something we don't know.

I understand where all the hatred for Obama comes from, which I will not go into here. Am I 100% happy with the job he is doing? No, but 95%..yes. We will never have a President that makes us totally happy. But considering the past eight years of our history, will go down as being fucked up from the beginning - we can only look ahead now. Our president came into office with one hellacious mess - and now these fukktards are screaming because he hasn't done anything in FIVE MONTHS!

I have my family values and there hasn't been a problem to date. We have had the out of wedlock child who is loved more than anything in the world, there has been the adulterer and alcoholic, the divorced and remarried ones. Pretty typical for America as a whole. But we do believe in right and wrong and try not to lie and be we practice being nice to our fellow man. What more could we want?

The outcome of Palin's problems has yet to be seen, but I am sure it will be a doozy. If it is the illegal act which has been alluded to, then she should justifiably pay the price. If one looks at the history of corruption in Alaska and the politicians, there is no shock value left to me.

Have a great 4th of July all. I am having my decks power washed and stained - so if there is any rain out there - GO AWAY!! No picnic this year, but something is being accomplished. Later..............


giggles said...

Yep...the book and a TV spot...much more money in that shit than public service to be sure....

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I also love that for 8 years we go so deep in debt that we can't see straight and Obama gets in office and everything he does is spend money. Excuse me what did you guys do for the last eight years??? Excuse me if he feels he needs to spend a little money to fix what took them eight years to Fu#% Up.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I hope the next volume has the Katie Couric/ Sarah Palin interview.