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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Don't let that title make you mad! I'm being facetious here. But on every channel, in the print media and the interwebs...everyone wants to know the answer to that question.

Let me tell you here and now, I liked some of his songs, but to say I was a Michael Jackson fan...NO.

I have been remembering Michael Jackson in my own way today...I have done three loads of wash, watered the flowers, changed the sheets on the bed, made two trips to Wheeling Island, dusted (alas, no vacuuming) and I am done for the day.

Considering my maiden name is Jackson, I want you to understand - WE ARE NOT RELATED! At least I don't think we are. Even so, every family has their outcasts.

My basic problem, is MJ's propensity for young boys, his comments years ago that "sleeping with these boys is the most natural thing in the world." The true fans will say "he was acquitted" of those charges, but they must forget about the $20 million payoff to one family two years prior, to keep them quiet.

In my humble opinion, MJ was a freak. Whether Papa Joe is responsible for the quirky behaviors, I do not know, but considering how long MJ has been out of the limelight - he was retired in my opinion. Hell, he was only doing this grueling 50 appearance tour, to hopefully get out of the red.

To have him just "laying around" for 13 days after death - is beyond reason. He is truly a man of a different color by now. (OMG - did I say that?)

There is more than enough newsworthy items to be reported, so enough with all the MJ tributes and memorials. I am sure all the stations will be running and re-running this memorial service ad nauseum. But don't fret, if you missed it, it will be available on a 2 CD offer for only $19.95 next week.



professor chaos said...

I never understand why so many people seem to take it personally when someone famous dies. I could understand it when John Lennon died, people being upset that they were being deprived of future great music, but when was the last time MJ had a decent song? So, the short answer, I gess, would be I don't really care (except that it's sad when anybody dies)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You know, I liked some of his older stuff (like Jackson 5), but as he got older and freakier, I just couldn't take him seriously anymore. I do believe he molested children - and for that, he's practically already made sainthood by all the mourners? I don't get it!

Mnmom said...

MJ was a great humanitarian? That's news to me. The only time he "gave" away money was when he donated some proceeds from CD sales, which meant we had to buy his crap in the first place. And what's so humanitarian about abusing kids?

His death was big news, yes, and should have made the evening news but everything else is just a sick milking by our media for every little detail. We'll be hearing about this for years.

And this bs that we was the greatest entertainer ever? Really? By who's standards? If by top-selling people mean great, then please remember this is a nation that buys plenty of McDonald's but I'd hardly call it the best food ever.

Liberality said...

Mnmom nailed it. I knew why when John Lennon died I was upset. I knew why when JFK jr. died I was upset too.

But when Diana died--well it was sad of course but everyone dies eventually. And MJ--a possible child molester, who was probably molested himself as a child but so what, that is no excuse--died just like every single one of us will eventually.

The media plays this up because it is EASY (for them) and because we are fools to buy into it. God knows that now the media doesn't have to waste their time trying to actually give us REAL news when we can be bedazzled by this BS show instead.

Anyway, I was sad the first day but now I'm over it...