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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Yesterday evening, my neighbor, theToni and I went to the funeral home, to express our condolences to a dear friend. This man was my attorney, and handled various matters for me over the years. I could walk in his office anytime and get a hug and personal conversation before dealing with matters at hand. His wife worked in his office as did his daughter at one time. Several years ago, he moved his office out of Bellaire and to St. Clairsville, OH, a few doors down from the court house. My attorney's partner is also a long-time friend, so I was always comfortable when I ever had the need for their professional counselling.

We were friends long before I ever sought his advice professionally. Whenever I was at Alan's office, the first thing he always asked "how's your son doing?" For all the pride I had/have for my son, Alan was impressed that he was attending Case Western Reserve University, how well he was doing and then later when he landed such an excellent job - he was pumped. I would equally pass the kudos for his daughter and her law practice and then on to magistrate services.

Theson, who basically hates meeting new people, talking on the phone and other interactions between humans - I believe felt comfortable around Alan also. I will miss him, but I know after a year battling the big "C" - he is no longer suffering.

Well, Johnny Mac is driving more nails in his coffin. Yesterday, he announced his opposition to Sotomayor's SCOTUS nomination. The GOP is ensuring their defeats in the next election cycle, by alienating the Hispanic electorate. He is just one of many in their party to express his opposition. I read and heard him give the speech...and it was another speech filled with lies and misinterpretations.

I don't think I'm too far off base here...but these Conservatives are showing an overt RACISM, like I haven't seen for quite a few years. It is repugnant and inexcusable.


I have to get a few "things" accomplished in the house, so I may just return.......later................


Utah Savage said...

How did you get those clips so fast. Wasn't that last night's show? Damn you're good.

I've been in a prolonged funk. Can I get a stimulus package for Cash for Funkers?

LL Cool Joe said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Alan.

Mauigirl said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.


im so sorry about your friend..im betting the goddess has him sitting at the head of her table and they're telling lawyer jokes..

i heart jon stewart..both our repbulicans in texas are voting against her..the bastids.