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Sunday, August 09, 2009


I have been fascinated by this author and his book, since the breaking of the "C STREET" politicians and the expose' he published. So hopefully, I can find some "me" time to get into reading this book today. For me to tear myself away form the computer will be hard and may involve drugs....but I will give it a try.

I have the bedding in the wash - so I will have to break away at some point and throw it all in the dryer - then place it all neatly back on my bed...but I think I can handle this. I...think!

I plan on sitting on my back deck, music in the background - and this enjoyment is due to the weather resistant speaker theson bought me a couple of years ago, and is primed by my iPod. Cooooool!! The temps have been rising rapidly since I awoke this morning. This is rather freaky in my book. We have not had any 90 degree days so far this summer, but today is predicted to be a blast oven. It was 70* when I awoke at 8:30 (sleeping in by my standards), and now at 11:45 am it is 86*. Wow!

I ordered this above mentioned book from Amazon, along with Vincent Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"...and a cookbook "America's Most Wanted Recipes." The last book mentioned, is not a "reading" book of course, so it will be perused on occasion. Bugliosi's book will be next on my list of reads - then back to James Patterson.

I plan on tackling this book (The Family) with a pad, pen and highlighter. I don't want to overlook a single thing. Heaven forbid someone will want to read it when I am done - it could be a mess.

So have a great Sunday....I have caught up on all my blog readings - and will hopefully get back to comment on them a little later.

Off to take some drugs and a good read..........Later..............


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Let us know how that book is.


i read the book on the prosecution of gwb..it was killer..
im reading the latest daniel silva defector..you need to try him..they are about the same characters in each book..start with the first one..and read to the end..i highly recommend him..he's great.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mom but...screw this weather...it only costs me money. 96 degree weather and my rearview mirror falls off and speedometer goes straight to 110MPH without even moving. The snow can't come soon enough for me or at least my car. LMAO!!!


Mnmom said...

I'd love to read your marked-up copy! It's finally hot here too - where was this weather in July?

Anonymous said...

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