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Thursday, August 06, 2009


I try to remember how rough I was on George W. Bush, and I do know I never called him names, but I would jump on all the ludicrous things he would do and say. That seems like fair game to me. But now that we have our first African-American President - the name-calling and treatment has crossed a clearly disseminated line.

Apparently today, Rush Limbaugh (on his radio show) made the comparison of Hitler to Obama. Inexcusable and worthy of an apology.

Did I dream that during Bush's term he stomped all over our rights and privacy's?? Of course, that must be different as it was all done in the name of "war on terror." Limbaugh's analogy is hurtful on so many levels. There are still survivors of the Holocaust living in this country, who vividly remember Hitler and the Nazi party well. Just the mention of Hitler conjours up images of torture and death.

This fukktard is even stating that Obama's health care logo is almost identical to the Nazi swastika. The truly sad element in this story - is the brain dead conservatives who live by every word spewing from his vile mouth.

With Orly Taitz repeatedly referring to "brownshirts" and gestapo tactics - now Limbaugh and his references...it scares the living hell out of me. The right is making every effort to convince people of a dictatorship and nothing is offered in the way of solutions to the mess they made over the last eight years.

The demonstrations at the town hall meetings have seen those involved, yelling out scripted verse, all relating to a dictatorship. So, this is where we are headed folks. The right needed a platform of sorts and have chosen the "evil" path.

This upsets me to no end - and heaven forbid someone would choose to get in my face and yell garbage such as this. I would definitely need bail money!



J Ho said...

I had time to watch the T.V. media tonight and this is all I heard about: The right's attacks. Nowhere did I hear about Heath Care Reform no longer showing the 'reform' it should. The Right has won. Scaring stupid people is what the Right does the best.

It's as if the Left is aware of this and are spending all efforts on A.M. Radio (Yes, the most powerful media in the U.S... AM Radio) Wackos who really do not have that large a following.

As the polls show Obama losing popularity, and the mood becomes more and more 'Congress is failing us', the next round of elections become more and more important. Which means both sides need that corporate (including the Health Lobby) green.

Just like 'true' credit reform and a 'real' stimulus for troubled Americans, "health care reform" will be just a word with no meaning behind it.

Utah Savage said...

It's so disgusting. And scares me too. I'm pretty old and I've always been interested in politics. I've never seen anything like it.

Nan said...

What I noticed while watching CNN was their moronic reporters doing pieces (person on the street interviews) from around the country in which the exact same phrases were parroted, but neither the reporters at the scene nor the person in the studio (don't think it was Wolf) had the brains to comment either on the fact these were obvious dittoheads or to ask said dittoheads where they first heard whatever piece of erroneous shit they were parroting to begin with.

Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Its the truest proof that their ideas are bankrupt that they have to take their rhetoric to this level of ignorance. Where are those on the right yelling about how unpatriotic it is to say such things about a President during 'wartime'? I am afraid that they are going encourage the wrong person to do something stupid. I can see it coming.