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Friday, August 14, 2009


I watched the funeral for Eunice Shriver about an hour or so ago, and was totally impressed with the lovely words, and a few jokes, Maria Shriver Schwartzenegger had to say about her mother.

At first, I was not sure that I was actually seeing what was taking place. But then, I am always for a "different" approach. Seeing Maria Shriver as one of the pall bearers left me with a wonderful feeling. Eunice's children and granchildren were personally taking care of their mother. Wouldn't it be great if all children were as loving.

The saddest moment for me, was when Sargent Shriver was being assisted out of the church, and following the placement of the casket in the hearse...he let go of the arms aiding him, and waved at his beloved wife - in the hearse. I understand that Shriver has Alzheimer's, and I can't honestly say that he realizes that his wife has passed and will no longer be there for him. But to see him waving anxiously, just started the tears rolling down my face.

The procession in and out of the church was led by the Special Olympics torch, such a thoughtful touch. Eunice Shriver definitely made an indelible imprint on the lives of so many - she will be missed, but her legacy (Special Olympics) will live on and on.

Ted Kennedy was not at the funeral, and the comments were made about the treatments he is currently receiving for his brain cancer. I'm sure that was a tough decision for him.

Just a short commentary from me, and the passing of a wonderful lady and the tribute shown by her loved ones.



Mnmom said...

She was a classy lady, and a role model for all with wealth and power


i always had so much respect for her...she could have just sat home and swam in the pool but she went out and did good...she'll be misse, and not just by her family.

jadedj said...

Hear, hear, mom.

Anonymous said...

I always gripe when I come home from work and Themom has some sort of news to tell me that she saw that day. Usually, I let it go in one ear and out the other but this time was different. It was touching to see "a daughter" help to carry the casket. I don't know if I could personally do that but it is heart felt, even if I didn't know who eunice Shriver was until Themom explained it.