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Sunday, August 02, 2009


When and what will it take to convince our elderly that these (video) fukktards are playing the panic card??? I have come to the confusion conclusion that the Rethuglian make-up of Congress all went to school with Michelle Bachmann. Let's see...didn't she espouse that our President was going to establish FEMA camps, among all her massive idiotic statements?

Now we have this Rep. Virginia Foxx (wonder if Redd was a distant relative?) from North Carolina, and her idiocies. It does not take a helluva lot to get the elderly upset in this country. But these asshats are trying to convince this group, that "they are on their side" and looking out for their best interests. DUH?!?

I would like to know, on what piece of legislation are they referring - when scaring these people? The August recess is here - no work has been completed, if anything - very broad general outlines may have been drafted, but there is NO bill as of this date. There has been NO fine tuning of any proposals. The preemptive strike by the conservative cliques is based in FEAR!!

We need to take Soylent Green and Logan's Run off the video watch list for these idiots.

I have heard the rumblings from some older people, echoing this "scare" philosophy. As usual, I have to add some corrections. Most older Americans that I know, have their medical directives and living wills in place. I am always suggesting this to younger married folks with children. These two documents are really NOT just for the elderly - they are for every one.

So, just FYI - NO elderly people will be thrown in furnaces, or vaporized in order for Health Care Reform to go forward. Get a grip, grow a brain and learn to rationalize and think things through. Never take anything at face value - ask questions. Also, if the answer you get is not what you want to hear - ask others, those who actually may KNOW what they are talking about.

As soon as some of the oblivious realize that they are fodder for the scare brigade - and act and reason independently - no more FEAR tactics will be tolerated.


Utah Savage said...

This whole bit of asshattery is driving me up the wall. I'm beginning to think the whole country is too dumb to help and we need to leave this sinking ship. If I were Obama, I'd be thinking of only serving one term. God what a horrible job that poor man has.

I've had a living will since my mother went down the toilet with vascular dementia. When I got an attorney for her, I also set us a living will for myself. So my affairs are in order. And even though I'm old and ill, my doctors are treating me as if they actually gave a shit. I have never been refused treatment or services based on my granny age or the chronic nature of my illnesses even though I have socialized medicare. Go figure.

skyewriter said...

Fear: the only "tool" GOP tools have.

Unable to sway people toward their ideas (as they have none), they attempt to scare people away from taking control of their own lives. Supposedly the Dems want bigger government? The GOP wants government control as long as that control is headed by the GOP.

I can't quite make sense of this; the GOP thinks government is bad but are all for attacking sovereign nations in the name of providing governance? What. a. crock.

Mnmom said...

EVERYONE should have a living will!! I went through a nightmare when my mother was removed from life support, but that nightmare was eased just a little by the fact she had a living will, and that we had discussed this often. She had also made her funeral and cremation arrangements and had it all paid for. And she did NOT know she was going to die unexpectedly at 66. This was such a wonderful gift from her during a time of extreme stress and turmoil.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

The lie circles the globe before the truth has left the room, according t Mr. Twain.

This is a particularly deft piece of propaganda, actually. There are millions of doddering elderly wandering around the malls just looking for a place to die.

No really. You gotta understand: It's OUT THERE!

It doesn't matter that it's palpably untrue, illogical, and bogus. It's OUT THERE, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the ill-informed, house-bound, Faux-snuffing geezers are now officially terrified.

There is no way to push back on such a meme. ("They're denying it!" "Yeah? What did you expect 'em to admit it?")

Nan said...

As far as I can tell from reputable reports, the legislation in question simply affirms something that is already provided for in Medicare funding, i.e., that if a patient with a potentially life threatening condition wants to consult with a doctor about treatment options and end of life care (e.g., have palliative treatment explained) that consultation will be paid for just like any other office visit.