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Monday, August 31, 2009


I have always been one of the first people to defend showbiz stars right to speak out on political issues, as they are, for the most part, informed Americans. They are "employees" the same as the rest of us and many major decisions affect them as well - maybe more due to receiving such grandiose wages.

I have heard Jon Voight ramble on in recent months, and to say I was not impressed is an understatement. There are times I want to thump someone in the head and give them the reality check they so justly deserve. But after watching this video, I have come to the conclusion - there is NO hope for people like this.

Again, throwing out the word "socialism" seems to make anyone a hero with the rethugs. They still don't and never will GET IT!!

There are so many statements he makes that are bold faced lies...but again, when it is stated on Faux Noise, it is taken as pure fact. He states the Stimulus bill failed - he just forgot that Bush passed the first bill, which has been spent. The second package has yet to be distributed in total. The banks have now returned $4 billion to the federal coffers from this stimulus - that does not sound like a FAIL to me.

Voight also makes the statement that Obama is telling us what cars we can drive. Again, he is not mandating that we drive anything, he is trying to make it more economical and ecologically better for all. Cars are still available - what is he seeing here?

Then Huckabee brings up the teleconference call with 1000 ecumenical leaders (I honestly was unaware of this), but I say "so what?" Bush invoked God at every turn, something I am not in favor of at all. Voight comes off to me as another right wing racist.

I was looking at the faces in this audience - mostly all young people. Sycophants that cannot think for themselves and have to be spoon fed any information that they feed off and perpetuate.

If I were a "movie star" I am sure I could afford the best health care, and even faded movie idols can stay in nursing homes paid for by their union. Are they so distanced from reality to not notice what is going on around them, the people who cannot even afford to go to the doctor or those who don't go because they don't want to face mounting bills? This attitude of not being able to choose their own doctor - BULLSHIT. The thought that the government will make all medical decisions for them - BULLSHIT. The act of rationing health care - BULLSHIT. And my favorite, death panels...BULLSHIT. Some of these people need to read their contracts with their health care providers, most if not all already have the exact same statement, regarding end of life consultations. Check out United Healthcare - it has been in their contracts for years. Major fukktards - these people can be.

I think I now understand why Jon Voight has an estranged relationship with his daughter Angelina Jolie. She even recognizes that he is an idiot. Just a note, Angelina Jolie stated quite a while ago, what wonderful medical care her mother received in France, while undergoing cancer treatments. Hmmm, makes me wonder!

So, any more famous movie stars out there, speak up - I have no problem at all...just make sense and be accurate in your statements.

Later.....I'm in a cleaning frenzy...........


Sidhe said...

Simply amazing. Gee, it would be awful if I couldn't see any doctor I wanted to...well, my insurance provider ALREADY dictates which doctors I may see, seriously, I just had to change dentists because I changed my dental insurance...my prior choice was to pay more because there were no (zero, none) preferred providers within 50 miles of my home (and I was lucky to have that choice) and now I have the choice of 2 providers...woohoo! I am moving up in the world! I'm sure Voight and Huckabee have a choice but the majority of Americans do not, so even if he *was* right in saying that the government will decide for you, it's not really that scary to us because we already have that dictated to us by their beloved health insurance companies. If Jon Voight really gave a shit, he'd be opening up his wallet and paying medical bills for people who cannot afford to pay them.

As for the idiotic "God Card" statement, when did GW NOT invoke God? I don't agree with Obama doing it but I don't think that these buttards should get away with pretending that GW did *not* do it either.

Okay, I've simmered down (at least enough to get back to work...I hope).

Happy Monday!

Nan said...

Voight has been brain dead for a long time.

And, totally off topic, I see it's officially Football Season. I'm going to miss that little stoned lemur (or whatever it was).

themom said...

Sidhe: It feels good to "get it all out" wouldn't you say? heehee.

Nan: the little lemur guy - is just on a sabattical. He shall return when football season is over (February - if we go to Super Bowl again!) I can't give himm up - he epitomizes my feelings most of the time.

Utah Savage said...

Glad to hear about the lemur.

Voight is dickweed. No wonder his daughter can't stand him.

LL Cool Joe said...

What a twat that man is!

Shiny Rod said...

I am all for people in the entertainment industry doing what they do best, act and stay the fuck out of politics. Each time one gets in their say, the make themselves look like idiots.

jadedj said...

The minute he invoked the "socialist" and "losing freedoms" mantra card, I cut him off. Just totally tired of hearing this worn-out (since 1934, when the AMA first stuck this into shit for brain minds), piece of bat shittery. Get a new talking points dopes.

themom said...

OK ALL - Lemur is on standby in the sidebar. That would make a catchy tune. He will be monitoring this site for me during football season. Kewl!

Dusty said...

First, I will admit that I did not watch the video. I just don't have the strength this evening after arguing with wingnuts on another blog about Kennedy and Chappaquiddick all fucking day. Plus, I get a major headache if I watch anything from Faux Noise. ;p

I was invited to listen online to the Obama call, I belong to a group called Tikkun, An organization of very liberal Jew's against the occupation of Palestine and other issues. I wish I had joined the conversation, but I was unavailable at the time it took place.

John Voight has been a douche nozzle for decades. It's sad but it's a fact. I have heard his fuckery before so no need to put myself in harm's way this time around..it's probably more of the same stupid shit..right? ;) Just more outright lies and obfuscation from fuckwits that couldn't find their arses with both hands.