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Friday, August 07, 2009


We have been seeing the disruptions and now violence taking place at these Town Hall meetings by our representatives, to answer questions and gain insight on the Health Reform bill.

Yesterday, Rick Sanchez interviewed Rick Scott, the leader of Conservatives for Patient Rights. I have seen this man's commercials and he has been hitting the talk show circuit - but he remains - a liar and a cheat. A fact which cannot be denied since Sanchez caught and called him on the issue in this clip.

The recent polls being cited are a farce - and btw, I am not a big fan of polls as they are manipulated per event or situation. A poll consisting of 1-2,000 people does not constitute a broad test pattern. If I conducted an interview of 1,500 people who had health insurance - and asked if they were satisfied with their coverage - I'm positive I would get a high percentage of satisfaction. For the simple fact that they do not have any idea what faces those who have NO coverage. Any poll can be manipulated to serve whatever purpose or goal is desired by the pollsters.

I was saddened beyond belief when Hillary Clinton was "shot down" in '94, for all her work on health care reform. Too many years have passed, and these health insurance execs are getting richer by the minute.

For all the concern we had/have over Wall Street execs getting richer on the blood of the little man - look at these CEO's in the health industry. The rethugs want to declare that they do NOT want government making health care decisions for them...WTF do they think is happening now? You have non-medical personnel making life and death decisions for the sake of the dollar.

Oh hell, watch this meet-up between the two Rick's. I thought Sanchez did an excellent job - holding Scott's feet to the fire. I wish they had had more time to spar.

Off to shower, I shall return.....later..........


Nan said...

It floors me that someone with Scott's track record (nailed for defrauding Medicare IIRC) would be able to serve as a spokeperson for anything other than "Felons R Us."

Dusty said...

Scott is a douche nozzle extraordinare. One would think his past exploits would marginalize him..but NOOOOOOOOOO..

Like a chameleon he just remakes himself. Only the ones with an IQ of a dandelion will follow this fuckwit.


why should we be surprised that the people that make money off of our health dont want us to have cheaper or affordable health care..duh!