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Friday, August 21, 2009


Michael Bloomberg - is definitely a rich snobby SOB!! To make statements like this, leaves no plausible excuse for the goof. I would assume that when someone has $BILLIONS$ to count, a paltry multiple MILLIONS means absofuckinlutely nothing! the comprehension of the middle class struggling along - even trying to cover or obtain health insurance goes way over his head.

I am just about reaching the end of my rope with these rethugs and their opposition to affordable health care. Now, that the budget revisions came out today, they are going to have a hay day with the fact that it has increased. Never mind, the fact that the proposed health care is essentially paid for and will not contribute to the budget deficit.

I'm a firm believer in banning ALL lobbyists from D.C. The influence they exert is the cause for so much that is lacking in this country. The money spent on lavish parties and unreported "extras" to these representatives is unforgivable.

Michael Bloomberg, just keep spending your endless supply of money to ensure your re-election bid - and extending term limits to suit YOUR needs and desires...while the rest of us "little people" just trudge along.

Sorry, for the last post (now deleted) - which was the three videos to cover Jon Stewart's meet up with the lady responsible for the "death panel" rumor mongering. After embedding the clips - I had to manipulate the HTML (or it wouldn't publish - and then when that was done, I checked the blog and all appeared "good to go." So either the blog gods are pissed at me or I really fukked it up - which is a definite possibility. I will try to do better next time. Just a note...every time I try to embed one of Jon Stewart's clips - the same thing happens. So for those smarter than me (all of you), any suggestions would be welcome.

I'm cooking dinner now, and as soon as they pick up the phone at Domino's - all will be well, and we can eat in 30 minutes or less!!!

Have a great evening...hope to have better posts over the weekend. Later..........


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Enjoy that pizza young lady. ;0)

PENolan said...

No suggestions since the Jon Steward clips worked fine when I watched them - thank you very much, themom.

I'm with you on the ZERO lobbyists in DC idea.