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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Japan Buyer Backs Out of Crypt Above Marilyn

Japan Buyer Backs Out of Crypt Above Marilyn. Now how ridiculous is this?? The woman who owns the crypt, which was auctioned on e-bay, lost her husband TWENTY THREE years ago (he was 81). Something tells me this woman may just have been a "golddigger" twenty some years ago. Or else she is a very decrepit 100 year old woman with a mortgage, the only reason she was selling the crypt in the first place.

GOOD GRIEF!! Well babe...back to the drawing board and try to sell that hole in the wall again!


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Buzzardbilly said...

I too found this all very odd. At what point do you look at your loved one's grave and say, "Hey, somebody will pay good money to be buried here."

When Ronnie Van Zant's family had to rebury him in another cemetery because vandals dug him up (new grave is with family and has more concrete around it than a vandal could crack with a backhoe), they didn't look at that old plot and say, "I'll bet some Skynyrd fan would pay big for it." Nope. They put monuments on both the old and the new plots.