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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The insane verbiage coming from ALL who are viewed on FAUX news, are inciting, in my opinion, a civil war. Another "Man Coulter moment" can be viewed here:

Statistics now show that militia groups are on an incredible rise, gun sales have sky rocketed - all due to the venom spewed by the right. We have black congressmen receiving e-mails addressed to "nigga" so and so, swastikas being painted in obvious places. I feel that the "scare is on."

If I had super powers, I would choose one that would MAKE people sit down and listen to logic and reasoning, rather than "talking points" which have been created and meanings taken entirely out of context.

A major mistake I believe that has been made in this House Bill 3200 - is EVEN referring to consultations about end of life care. Why is it there? Most people realize that when a loved one has suffered a massive stroke, incurable disease, the moment will come when a choice of life support may have to be made. All physicians have had to meet with families and discuss options. Nothing is going to change. The clause was inserted into this bill in regards to guaranteeing payment to physicians. In the past doctor's have just billed such a consultation as that - a consultation fee. Someone, please find me one physician that entered the phrase on the invoice as "end of life consultation." Not hardly.

The scary part is that the right preys on the ignorant, it would appear. Those who listen to their neighbors or the uninformed and pass on the rumor as fact. I managed to avoid a confrontation at thegrandsons's swim party last night. I was chatting with an intelligent rethug...and he was trying to goad me into an argument, and I refused. I knew it would get heated and one of us might end up being booted out the door - plus it was neither the time nor the place. I like this person, but we have inherently been on opposite sides of the political spectrum for eons.

Now that we have seen the one man who attended Obama's town hall forum, wearing a gun...I fear that more guns will be apparent at these events, and some idiot will end up firing that weapon. I fear for our President's life and well-being, going before some of these whackjobs.

I wish I had a solution to these problems, but as for the violent tendencies coming forth...it is not all about health care - it is about having a black POTUS, plain and simple. Some people will NEVER get over that hurdle. They will never accept the fact that our Commander in Chief is black and he is our leader. Irregardless of the fact that he is more intelligent than those bigots/racists - there is still that mentality that he is not good enough. I beg to differ.

Our president has handled the mess (putting it nicely) which he inherited in a coordinated and methodical manner. Considering decisions had to be made immediately upon his taking the oath of office - I doubt anyone else could have handled it as well. Will all the decisions made be great ones...I doubt it. But this is a work in progress, and we have to give it a chance.

Later....................(I'm pissed)!


Dusty said...

I worry about the extremists too. That one of them will take out Obama and think they did the right thing.

They are not going to be quiet and they don't like being marginalized. They are the minority now.

I just hope and pray that Obama has a good set of Secret Service agents to protect him and his family.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh I hate me some Skeletor. If she only didn't spout her crap with that insufferable smirk on her face. I fear only a silver bullet will take down this creature. People with guns at Presidential town halls. This will not end well.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

So very true

Nan said...

The bizarre part about the advance directive/health care power of attorney/final arrangements stuff is that it's been Republicans pushing for getting Medicare reimbursement for this sort of consult for many years.

I don't normally have much use for the two Republican senators from my state, but Isaakson actually called the comments about death panels "nuts" and explained why the provision in the proposed legislation makes sense.

Mauigirl said...

Very well said. I do think they could defuse some of the right's rhetoric by taking out that end of life bit. Maybe replace it with a less inflammatory phrase like just consulting, if they're concerned physicians won't get paid.

As for the town halls and people with guns - I shudder every time I think about it.

jadedj said...

This post is absolutely, totally spot on. The unspoken agenda in all of this is because the President is half-black. No doubt in my mind.

These morons are itching for a confrontation, WITH GUNS. They somehow see themselves as contemporary minutemen, destined to defend "freedom" from the evil progressives.

And why in hell has compassion become un-patriotic?

The real danger in this country is from within, alright...wingnuts. And the real traitors are some that ought to know better...right wing talk show hosts, whose motivation is race based, and MONEY based.

I am totally ashamed of what we have become. The rest of the world thinks we are nut jobs. They're right.

Annette said...

I will be so glad when these Town Halls are over and they get their butts back to work and we get a bill and something they can actually vote on. Maybe then things will calm down a little. This one section has gotten so much overplay it is pathetic.. it is all about counseling.. nothing more nothing less.. yet everyone makes it seem like it is some huge matter of Grim Reaper coming after the old and infirm.. I wish I had this when I had to make these decisions about my brother several years ago.. Instead I had to make them on my own and have been blamed for it since..

Anonymous said...

Talk logic all you want, the tea bagging town hallers won't listen. They've already proven that by voting against their own interests again and again. They're losing their shit because a black man is president, plain and simple.


i avoid all the stress from this by not ever, under any circumstances..watch faux knews...

Debbie said...

I so agree with you. And I have feared for Obama's life since he started campaigning.