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Monday, August 03, 2009


The physical proof of a birth certificate, which has been accepted by all the appropriate authorities , will NEVER be enough for some conspirators.

OK - here are the forms, as submitted to the necessary entities:




Now, we have (actually she has been around for awhile) Orly Taitz, hitting the courts with many, many frivolous lawsuits. This woman is an emigre' from Moldavia, and is now comparing the U.S. to her former life in the Soviet Union...and people are falling all over her in belief.

She is a practicing dentist in California, she received a degree from William Taft Harding correspondence school and is now an attorney. She also is a registered real estate broker in California. Oh, and btw, she is NOT a member of the American Bar Association. She counts as her main client, Alan Keyes, former presidential candidate for the Independent Party. He is necessary to her cause, as he has more standing (but not a lot) in the courts for requesting more proof of Obama's citizenship.

This woman is a vile creature and has made many repugnant statements during these past few months. Check out the following:

Obama “truth” squad and people like Secretary of State of Ohio Jennifer Brunner and all the others that have been collaborating with this Gestapo-SS establishment, they all should and would be tried in Nuremberg style trials for harassing, intimidating, blackmailing and terrorizing fellow citizens, for defrauding the whole country. Patriots of this country didn’t fight and defeat Nazi Germany to end up with Obamas, McCuskill, Soros, Brunner and the rest of this squad. I hope that the men in this country, particularly in our military will finally revolt against this travesty of Justice. If our government and our elected officials and our judiciary have failed us, then it is time for the new government, new elected officials and a new judiciary.

January 17, 2009 - What Should be Done

Now, this mascara laced bimbo is perpetuating a new fraud. Amazingly, a birth certificate has surfaced for Barack Obama - FROM KENYA!!! The great part is, that the fraud was detected immediately, as it states that it is an official form from the REPUBLIC OF KENYA, dated February 17, 1964 - BUT KENYA DID NOT BECOME A REPUBLIC UNTIL DECEMBER 12, 1964.

Note: the 2 "whited out" areas are mine. This was Orly's website address.

It has come to the point where these groups are using fraudulent means and materials to take down our POTUS. Where is the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service and why are no charges being filed? I would assert that charges definitely are warranted.

Taitz has been referred to as "The Queen Bee of Birferstan" (no typo). Some also refer to these whack jobs as "birfers". The bottom line is that these "birthers" will languish in history alongside those who deny the Holocaust, the moon landing, 9/11 "truthers", creationists and Teabaggers.

It has most assuredly reached a point where irrefutable proof - will never be enough.

To top that all off...Michelle Malkin was spreading her garbage on The View. Just shoot me now!

Have a great day and I will return.....later..........

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ddadmin said...

I am following this closely to see where this conspiracy ends. Meanwhile I have collected some good articles and sites related to Barack Obama (more than 200 sites or articles). If you are interested take a look at the below link http://bit.ly/TbblS

Sidhe said...

Why does she just want the "men" of this country to revolt (guess she didn't hear about the combat exclusion act being repealed in 1994)? What a whackjob!

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I bet she's collecting a thousand dollars per day to help finance her "campaign."

She's a whore, in plain language. She may also be sympathetic with the inarguably racist sub-text of the birfer schtick. A lot of Eastern European migrants are.

As I've noted before, the birfer movement is 99.99999 percent white folks who cannot stand the oprobrium they'd face if--without masks on--they gathered in the town square to shout assent as the ni88er was lynched.

I begin to suspect it's really a plot designed incite/"recruit" a killer to get Obama. The ardor with which the birfers proclaim their "religious" cause is ferocious and all the more terrifying because it is inspired by "belief."

But the 'pundits' who moaned rhetorically over "who could rid them of this meddlesome priest" can claim ignorant innocence, in the event.

I don't see any good ending to this.

Anonymous said...

200 articles on the Obama conspiracy archived? Count me in. Right after I finish rubbing my feces on the wall.


dear goddess, give me strength to bear these assholes or give me permission to whack 'em..

Anonymous said...

What a stupid biotch!