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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


And the stupidity goes on and on. This man had a pistol on his hip AND an AR-15 (semi-automatic assault rifle) slung over his shoulder, while standing in a protest group against health care reform in Phoenix yesterday. Again, our president was giving another town hall forum, to try and assuage the lies and misinformation floating around.

This man refused to identify himself to reporters (I'm sure he had to, to the Secret Service), but made the claim "In Arizona, I still have some freedoms!" WTF?? My question to him would have been..."in your pea sized brain - what freedoms do you NOT have? What have you lost?" Another example of "the stupid."

Those with "legal" guns could not have gotten into close proximity to the president, regardless of any state laws (openly carrying weapons). When the Secret Service is protecting the president - the venue becomes a federal site, thus weapons not allowed on a federal site. But I question the logic here. Most Secret Service personnel carry handguns - a definite non-match to any assault weapon.

The later reports after this meeting, was that there were at least a dozen armed people in the crowd. Would anyone want to wager there were a helluva lot more than that - that were "concealed?"

Can you imagine - just thinking back a little to 2004 - people were arrested at Bush get-togethers for wearing T-shirts in protest of that dickwad. And armed people cannot be dealt with now. Something is seriously wrong here. Bush protestors were also relegated to "free speech zones", blocks away from venues - to air their grievances.

Before anyone decides to chew my ass out...I was raised shooting guns. I am actually a pretty good shot even. I have no problems with guns in the home for protection or for hunting...but to walk down the street with one strapped on my waist - not hardly!

Have you ever noticed signs similar to this - at grocery stores, schools and other private entities? I have, and wonder why this cannot be enforced at these political venues. Plain and simple...NO GUNS ALLOWED. The only reason to blatantly flaunt these weapons at these "health care forums" is for intimidation purposes ONLY. Allowing this to continue is the height of stupidity and is a ticking bomb, if you will. All it takes is for one whackjob to get pissed and "go postal."

As long as the Boehners, Bachmann's, Palins and Gingrich's of the world keep blasting their lies and misinformation, something bad is going to happen. Yes, I am scared!

And to our President...the Democrats WON the election...the hopes for any bipartisan support has gone to hell, so it's time to use as much Democratic support as can be mustered to get things done. Bush had no problem ramming through legislation when he had the majority - enough of trying to be Mr. nice-Guy! It's not working.


Now for the mundane. It seems that the fashionistas in the political arena want to make something out of the First Lady and being photographed wearing shorts.

Get a grip asswipes...the family took a vacation to Yellowstone Park and other sites...you expected her to dress formally?? Maybe Mamie Eisehower, Nancy Reagan, or Barbara Bush would have worn a dress with matching coat and purse, but Michelle Obama is a younger woman and a good mother and a down to earth individual. Shorts were appropriate for the heat and atmosphere. And puh-leeze media whores...these are NOT short shorts. THESE are short shorts!!


Mnmom said...

I am SO with you and SO angry!!! Can you imagine what would have happened if you or I had shown up at a GOP event carrying an assault rifle? Oh My Freakin God we'd have been in Gitmo so fast!! What the hell is wrong with the Secret Service? Who the hell carries an assault rifle around? What rights has that man lost? If he'd pay attention, Obama is trying to GIVE him the right to good healthcare regardless of his income. What the hell is going on?

jadedj said...

I am totally with you on this, but you should be reassured that the Secret Service had several snipers with that jackass, and others in their cross hairs. Believe it.

Dusty said...

Oh fuck me running..Michelle Obama wore shorts and people are freaking the fuck out?

Its fucking hot in AZ right now..like 110 in the friggin shade for Christs sake.

As for the gun laws in AZ, where I lived for about a half a dozen years..guns can be outlawed at any place that posts a sign at the entrance. All bars, liquor stores etc have them.

It is against the law to carry a concealed weapon there..but any asshole can strap on any gun he likes and walk around town like the freak he or she is. I never saw 'normal' folks wearing guns..just the fuckwads btw.

LL Cool Joe said...

Good for her wearing shorts! She looks great, and while the hell shouldn't she? People seriously got upset about what she's wearing? Geez, talk about getting all your priorities wrong!

She could get away with wearing the short shorts as far as I'm concerned!

We were actually at the airport the same time as they were.

Lisa said...

I know you addressed this on another post, but the word SCARED just keeps getting repeated by my goofball openly racist co-worker. Obama scares me. I hear it all day long.

This nonsense is coming from Fox News, I presume? I've totally checked out for my own mental health. I'm glad you're still staying on top of things.

Scared? Have mercy. The idiot with the gun scares me.


I'm with you a hundred percent..arghghghgh these people make me want to carry a gun..and trust me...that's not a good thing

none of the other first ladys wore shorts like these cause they didn't have the legs for them.

Annette said...

You need to see my Facebook post.. The idiot with the gun was a set up.. all of them were and so was the jerk in New Hampshire last week.. they are trying to prove a point of some kind or another.. and the damn cops knew about it and were in on it. The guy that interviewed him was on CNN with Rick Sanchez and told him all about it.. TPM posted it and I put it up this evening.. check it out.

Susan said...

So guns in public - ok. Shorts in public - not okay. These rules are just so confusing.

Can you imagine if they tried that stuff at Bush rallies?

Cali said...

I'm with you, too! The guns are terrifying. I don't understand how these gun toting jerks can say they aren't meant to be threatening.

As for the shorts, they are totally appropriate for a family vacation in hot weather and they look great on her.

The opponents of shorts and proponents of guns, both, really need to get a life (and have Faux "News" blocked from their cable/satellite boxes.)

rennratt said...

I showed my husband the photo of Michelle Obama in shorts, and his only response was "So? I think the PRESIDENT should get off the plane looking like that. It was a FAMILY TRIP!"

I have to say, if *I* looked like she does, I would dress like that no matter WHERE I went. State dinners, Congress...

She looks AWESOME.