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Friday, August 28, 2009


UPDATE: Both charged with 28 counts..including aggravated rape, and facing LIFE in prison. **Yes, I believe in the death penalty, which they deserve!

When I first saw the picture of this young girl at age 11, I could not help but be enthralled by her beauty. Apparently that is the same thing, that these perpetrators of such a heinous crime believed also. Kidnapping Jaycee Dugard, while on her way to board the school bus, never to be seen by her mother and step-father for the next 18 years - excruciatingly painful.

More and more details are being revealed as time progresses. But the two charged with kidnapping and various other charges are now behind bars and will be arraigned at 4:00 pm EST, today. Phillip Garrido (age 58) and his wife Nancy (age 54), have been identified as the persons who kidnapped Jaycee 18 years ago. Now we find out that this pervert, fathered two children with this young girl - she giving birth when she was only 14 years old, to her first child. Her second child is now 11 - the same age as Jaycee when kidnapped.

As parents and grandparents, we can only presume how these parents felt upon the kidnapping of their daughter and the years since. The step-father says he felt that he was under the microscope all these many years, as he was the last one to see young Jaycee. I can't imagine his pain - but I can share in his elation that Jaycee has been reunited with her mother.

Maybe I have missed something in all the reports, but I have not seen an actual RAPE charge in the indictments. There was something similar to "attempt to commit rape", but that is not good enough. I made a vow when I had my first child, that no one would ever touch or harm my children - because I would end up their worst nightmare. I can only imagine the feelings the Dugards have for these animals.

I can't imagine what the next few months, maybe years will mean to Jaycee and her children and family relations. In 18 years, to think of all she is probably unfamiliar with, i.e., cell phones, Internet, HDTV, general news of the world...it boggles the mind. The authorities do know that she was not in school, so her education just stopped, other than any indoctrinations by these fukktards.

Jaycee and her children have never been to a doctor. Imagine that. The two children were born in the ramshackle sheds this pervert had hidden in a false backyard. I have a shed that I consider pretty rough - and I wouldn't let my dog even live there.

Jaycee was renamed Alissa by her captors and remained, as far as we know, in this outdoor shanty. Now, we find out that this Garrido had a blog, where he says he "completely turned my life around after the birth of the 11 year old." What does that mean? did he turn himself in 11 years ago and confess to his crimes? An affirmation like that needs to be supported by an action - I don't see that.

He made a statement to a California television station - that there are essentially things to come forward that will "knock us backwards." would this be a psychotic spin of some sort?

Now I have flashbacks to the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping in 2002. When she was found nine months later - Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee were arrested, but have never gone to trial - because they are deemed "insane" and unfit to stand trial. The state has even mandated forced medication to ensure a trial appearance - and this has not worked either. Will these two morons have a defense attorney to travel the same road as Smart's kidnappers?

Right now, my hope is that all possible resources will be afforded this young lady and assist in her reacclimation to our world. Education and physical care will be primary. Considering she remembered so much of her youth, before the kidnapping, I can't say she succumbed to a total Stockholm syndrome. I hope that the future spells all good things for these three lives. I equally hope that the judicial system does not let them down, in retribution they so justly deserve.

This pissed parent and grandparent.....shall return.....later.


Nan said...

I say fry his wife for aiding and abetting.

Shiny Rod said...

Make that two pissed parents and grandparents. Where do these douche bags come from and why are they allowed to keep breathing good air? It will be years before the aftermath of this is but resolved. I also understand that there was a report filed on the man(and I use that term in disgust) and the police would not investigate because they had no warrant or probable cause.

Mauigirl said...

From what I read, he is charged with rape and penetration and the two little girls are the children of Jaycee and her rapist, the kidnapper.

Unbelievable that this wasn't discovered until now. Apparently he was getting more unbalanced - he's definitely not all there from what I read about him. No excuse for his actions but you have to be kind of sick to do something like this in the first place. Am really wondering how whacko the wife was too.

So glad they found her before her whole life was wasted. She does indeed have a lot to catch up on, as do her children. She is still just as beautiful as she was at 11.

kenju said...

The whole situation is appalling. How can a woman allow such a thing to happen and not report it? Both those people (and I use the term loosely) should be locked up for the rest of their natural lives.

I wonder what the mental state of that young woman is? I hope she can return to normal someday!

jadedj said...

Even if I were not the father of a 12 year daughter, I would say, mentally ill or not, string him up by the gonads...and the wife by the neck. Eighteen years that are not recoverable. Not to mention massive mental problems for life.

Beyond disgusting human beings.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I say the death penalty is to good for them, but I will settle for it. If they are insane then call them insane and put them down. I mean who is "sane" and kills someone? It's not a defense.

John said...

This just breaks my heart. And to think something like this could happen to any of our kids at any moment will hopefully make us ALL more diligent.

These disgusting perverts ruined so many lives and the step Dad who witnessed the abduction was even blamed. This also contributed to a divorce.

Of course the most unspeakable acts happened to that poor little girl all these years. I wonder if she is still childlike in her mind.

I am getting sick just thinking about all this, but I will add that I hope the kidnappers never see the light of day again. Hopefully some other inmates will take care of them once they are in prison.

Chickie said...

This is just unreal. I hope they cook them both.

Nan said...

I've done more reading about this case, and apparently his wife was the person who dragged Jaycee into the car to begin with back when the kidnapping occurred. That's one sick bitch to have married a known rapist and then help him rape some more.