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Sunday, February 15, 2009

When is enough....enough???

Old Johnny McCrack just can't seem to keep his mouth shut. During his media "spin" appearance this morning, he just shows more and more what a poor loser he really is. Now, he and his "buddy" Lyndsey Graham, just want you all to know how this stimulus package was literally crammed down their throats! But staying honest to their party - they stood tough and voted against any and all parts of this legislation. I say "good job", we don't need your help now.

The common line is "there is no bipartisanship here." "Obama is going against his promise of 'change'". Blah, blah, blah, blah. Excuse me, it appears that all the stumbling blocks are coming from YOUR corner Mr. McCrackhead. To even recite the words "generational theft" at this point is futile. The very first stimulus package, plus all the tax cuts over the past eight years ensured that generational debt.

I would be ultimately pleased if McScary LOST his re-election bid this time around. I know the odds are against that, but I can definitely say I prefer not to see the little puke any more than necessary. I may even be getting an ulcer from him - blechhhh!

I have to say I have been amazed of late...with Facebook!!

I set my Facebook page up almost two years ago, and have added some people that I managed to "find" with their search friendly capabilities. But it was the occasional "go to" place when I happened to think about it. I also had (have) a Myspace site - but feel that it is geared more to the younger generation.

Through Facebook, my high school buddies are slowly joining and we are getting re-acquainted after almost 40 years. I do have to admit - there are some areas I am still getting used to - but can guarantee you, I'm not big on "poking" or "throwing" things at people. There are quite a few various applications that are rather stupid, but as a whole - I'm impressed.

The IM or instant chat feature is really nice - but I need to figure out how to get rid of all my old "notifications." Trying to find help for some areas is also quite difficult. I utilize the "just hunt for it" method. Sometimes I get a little smarter and then there are times I could stomp on the laptop like crushing grapes.
I'm so proud of all the PATIENCE I seem to exhibit. HA!

Now for a little GRANDMA IS STUPID....a short while ago I told thegrandson to get ready for his bath and we had to get his backpack and all ready for school tomorrow - which garnered a snicker and sneer from the little troll. Managing to get my Irish up - he then said in a snotty 8 year old way..."Nina, I don't have school tomorrow - duh?!?!?!" WTF? He then shows me the school calendar and PRESIDENT'S DAY is a holiday - I swear the Alzheimer's is kicking in, I knew that!!! Uh huh! Gee, and I planned on getting to the bank and post office tomorrow - guess that will have to wait now! I surely hope these brain cells will regenerate - but I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Until I regain those damaged brain cells (hopefully not lost forever) - I will be fine as long as there are self-explanatory signs to help me.

Goodnight and I will return tomorrow - if I remember.........Later..........


Annette said...

I love the signs...lol Those are adorable.. and not to worry.. we all have those "senior moments"... lol I have them quite often.

I think maybe if there is anyone challenges McCant this time around he may just be done for. I sure hope so anyway..it would be nice to see him retired.

Utah Savage said...

That was a lovely post and a great relief from the mess I'm making at my place. I'm praying for good opposition for all those dinosaurs in the rethuglican party, Lindsay, Mr Boner, the jowled one with the glasses. All those idiots from the deep south. And when then hell do we get Frankin? I say let the bastards filibuster. It will make it clear that they do not have the majority of their constituents best interests in mind when they vote against health care.

The only reason I don't write about particular "senior moments" is that my life seems to be a big messy senior moment. All of it. Good thing I have no children or they might be shipping me off to the nursing home by now.

Debbie said...

I usually try to blame my senior moments on my kids. It works - at least in my mind!

giggles said...

Can I just say here... Fuck all the fucktards and all of their fuckery?! They make me so mad...

Mauigirl said...

Totally agree about McCan't.

I love the Men/Women's sign too!

I too am going crazy having fun on Facebook. I forget if I figured out your name on FB? E-mail me at Mauigirl52@yahoo.com and let me know how to find you and I'll friend you!

Kulkuri said...

Love the sign.
Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids!!

As for Facebook, there seems to be an epidemic of it going around and I never could figure out MySpace.