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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How great that is....and more on octuplet breeder.....

Yesterday, Pres. Obama held a town hall meeting in Ft. Myers, Florida, which was well received. One woman finally got to speak, 61 year old Henrietta Hughes. Through trembling voice, she more or less was pleading her case for help. Help because she has been homeless, along with her son, for over a year. They have been living out of either a pick up truck or small car during this time, relying on park restrooms for hygiene. I realize that this woman is probably one of millions - but the result from her pleadings tugged at my heartstrings.

After this meeting, Pres. Obama told Ms. Hughes that someone from his office would be speaking with her. Not being privy to any conversations, I only know that Florida State Rep. Nick Thompson's wife contacted Ms. Hughes and offered her and her son a home. This home was the first home purchased by Chene Thompson after she graduated from college. If I had the resources, I would gladly offer up a residence for a homeless person such as Ms. Hughes. I would also hope that they can find employment and some opportunities open up for them also. This is just a single story with a happy ending - something that is much needed during times of doom and gloom.

I had one asshole ridiculous client yesterday, who commented on the above story. In a nasally, whiny voice, he was mocking this woman and her beseeching of the President. I held my tongue quite nicely, till he had driven out of sight - then went on the back deck and screamed as loud as I could. I should have told him to his face (which is so unlike me) what a fucktard he really is. Believe it or not - he is a staunch Democrat...but very much redneck (KKK comes to mind) at the same time. I very well may send him a letter, telling him I will no longer be preparing his tax returns. I should have done that while he was here - as losing him as a client will not break me.

As much as I hate to reference the "Octuplet" mom again...I just have to.
Normally, on Tuesday nights I watch "Leverage" on TNT (it is great), but Dateline was on and I didn't get around to changing the channel - as they were doing the entire show on this INSANE woman.

My thought, from the breaking of the news of these births, was that this woman is in this for the money. I feel that my beliefs have been confirmed now. See this, this is the mentally incapacitated woman's NEW website - no doubt arranged by her PUBLICIST.

I should hope that her publicist is bright enought to inform Suleman, that any cash or gifts received via this site - ARE FULLY TAXABLE!!! I can't wait to see how that unfolds.

During this interview, the woman stated that she has NO income, but is looking for a larger home to house the brood. Which allows me to show you this:

During the conversations of the show, so many lies and deceit were revealed. Firstly, she denies having any cosmetic surgery done to her lips. Hey Lady...I wasn't born yesterday, and unless you got stung by a South American spider...your lips aren't natural.

When questioned about receiving welfare, she said she didn't receive any welfare. All she gets are food stamps (she thinks there is a food stamp tree somewhere?), and disability for THREE of her children. She is going to depend on her student loans to support her new litter also. If any of those governing bodies were listening - please make sure she is cut off immediately.

I beseech the Children's Protective Services of California to intercede in this situation, and ensure that these eight babies are NOT allowed to be in such a chaotic home. If I heart her say once, I heard it a half dozen times - that these children are "gifts from God." NO THEY ARE NOT!!! So get off you psychotic high horse and get the help you truly need.

I could elaborate more, but this just gets under my one last nerve. I shall relax now and start on some more tax returns. We are expecting high winds (50-70 mph) this afternoon through tomorrow evening - so I have to go tie some items down on the porch first. **I loaded theson's pickup truck with all the cardboard from his "Egypt box" and have no way to tie it down - this could be interesting.

Have a great afternoon and evening. Later.............


Annette said...

That is exactly why I didn't want to watch it... I have thought all along she was doing it for the money... she is trying for her own TV show..ala Jon & Kate... and then the one in Arkansas that just had another one that makes like 18 or something like that... they have their own show too.

I guess the doctor is being investigated as wwell he should be. But then so should she.. I thought you had to be in school to get money for it...geeze.. someone needs to dry up her funds.

Nan said...

She's going for the money, and she's mentally ill. Not a good combo.

Wonder how long it's going to take for the reality check to hit? Not only is every dime she pulls in taxable, the state of California can (and is legally obligated to)slap liens on her earnings to recoup whatever the state pays out in Medicaid expenses for her kids.

Mnmom said...

That woman's situation is just wrong on so many levels. I think she has a form of OCD, like cat-hoarding only she wants to hoard babies. I've seen footage of the room her current 6 kids live in and I wouldn't let my dog sleep in there. It's filthy and inadequate. Those 14 children will be paying the price for this woman's mental instability.

And I'm really questioning her doctor. Our IVF clinic had some pretty strict standards. For instance, they would only do IVF for married couples. Discriminatory? Yes, but IVF is a grueling procedure and a woman shouldn't go it alone.

Also our clinic would only implant 4 embryos at a time, no matter what the patient wanted.

AND our clinic would never allow IVF with sperm donated from someone you knew. It creates all kinds of complications that they don't want to get caught up in.

Ooops, someone got me started and now I'm blathering.

J Ho said...

What about her face? Did she have any work done? I saw on some show (can't remember which) where they were comparing her face to Angelina Jolie.

Just like Jolie, she has a lot of children. What is she up to? Applying for a U.N. position?

The Immortal Woman said...

She says she kept all 8 because it was God's will. But actually God's will was that she didn't have any children. Now there are 14 wonderful little children that could be making 14 childless mothers the happiest women in the world. There are 14 children all under the age of 6 that could be placed in homes that can aford them and where they will be wrapped in abundant love. But no, science has dropped these little people in the middle of a horiffic nightmare where the grandfather would rather face death in Iraq and the grandmother is running for the hills. It is ironic that precious baby Cayle's grandparents are on the verge of suicide because of their loss and these grandparents are right beside them. Both are cases of spoiled brats that have never been held accountable for their actions. Child Services needs to get in there before these delicate innocent lives are put in even more danger.

brenda k said...

I think a chunk of her 165,000 work comp check went to her lips. Her fatal mistake in aligning us to believe that tale, was allowing photos to be shown of her when she was younger. Hello? Unless you happened to be walking behind a carpenter when he was swinging a 2x4 and got smacked in the face - you had your lips done there sistah...

And yet she claims she has been saving all of her life to have babies? That lip job could have bought a couple more Im thinkin.

On one hand I feel for her because she truly is not equipped with the faculties to understand the magnitude of what she has done with this. On the other - I just don't know -

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Don't get blown away in the high winds or you may have to move in with that asshole who made fun of the homeless woman.

Anonymous said...
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themom said...

Annette: I agree - investigate the ethics of the doctor - make him help support these children.

Nan: And I hope California does go after her to recoup these monies.

Mnmom: Blather away. It was obvious from the interview of the mental illness she must have. When she stated "I will be there for my children unconditionally - how many parents do that?" I wanted to throttle her. The vast majority of parents do that dear!

J-Ho: Of course she had her lips done. She is LYING to the public as if we are dumber than a box of rocks.

The Immortal Woman: I am sick and tired of everyone saying "It is God's will." What a bunch of crap.

brenda K: the woman is totally DELUSIONAL.

Monkey: I would definitely choose living in a car.

Kulkuri said...

She is definitely mentally unstable. After the bullshit by the doctors and the hospital about not making judgements (moral or otherwise, blah, blah) now they are asking the state to pay for the birthing.