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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Is there a RIGHT answer here????

Yes, I know I blogged about this previously, but the subject just will not go away. How could it? This woman is 33 years old with six children already in the home (under the age of 7) and she cannot handle them without the assistance of her parents. Parents I might add, who have voluntarily aided their daughter financially to the point of personal ruin. The mother has made the statement in the past, that she would not be in the home, when the daughter and eight newborns return from the hospital.

Certainly, this woman did not expect her parents for total assistance, both physically and financially - to continue their support. I do believe that the psychiatrist in the video is correct...this woman is delusional.

I'm not shocked to hear the press report that she has hired a publicist and is hoping for multi-million deals, of one type or another. She has also stated she expects to nab a "reality" show deal - as to parenting. Not on your life crazy, warped in the head, lady...I would give no credence to this woman in regards to "parenting" issues.

Parenting is far removed from pregnancy. Anyone, animal or human can get pregnant (excuse me to those women who have fertility issues), but that is NO guarantee of good parenting. How can this woman BOND with eight newborns? Bonding is so vitally important in the nurturing stages of life - and there is no way, one person can spread themselves that thin.

Considering California is letting $3.8 billion in bills go unpaid...how will California be able to support this woman and her brood...and why should they? Had this been a married woman, who was struggling to get pregnant, I might have a different opinion. But then again, ethically, doctors should do everything humanly possible to make sure that a multiple pregnancy does not produce a "litter." For those who might argue "abortion vs. selective reduction" - there is no argument. And I refuse to listen to "God's plan was for so many babies." God, did not implant multiple embryos - this is human intervention. But I will not get into that argument here.

Should this woman get these financial deals...I say shame on those who would watch such a reality show and support her mission. this woman, without a doubt, needs professional help, and I mean her mental issues. I feel sorry for these infants in a way - for the lack of attention they may face and possibly physical issues also. I believe I also read that one of her six previous children is autistic. Will that child also suffer, from the lack of attention he/she may need?

I'm angered, frustrated and downright mad over this situation - can ya tell? Just allow me to vent a little and I will try to behave....later.

As much as I would hate to see these eight babies split up, I honestly believe they may thrive better in homes capable of overseeing their needs. Too many women would love to have the opportunity to be a mother, and unfortunately cannot afford the procedures necessary to fulfill that desire. Just a consideration.


Our water situation was rectified and we were notified that we could again resume water usage around 3 pm yesterday. The EPA is continuing their investigation into the causes and overall effects from yesterdays water incident. I assure you, there is enough blame to go around here. Some people are already talking lawsuits - they need to get a life. No one was injured, the village staff did their jobs well and followed all mandated procedures. I still have a problem with their notification procedures, but that will be dealt with later.


Tax season has begun and I have quite a few returns to start, so I shall return later................


daughter2 said...

I hadn't heard all of this detail...I am livid....she defintiely has some mental issues.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the notion of a 'birth lottery,' innit?

I took a swipe at this the other day.

My question: who's paying for all this care for 8 premies? And what, other than the ineffable pleasure of knowing we've helped, do WE--who are paying, one way or the other--for this woman's delusions, gonna get in return?


Lemmy Caution said...


And don't think for a minuet that Oprah or Diane Sawyer have scruples that would prevent them from putting this freakshow on the air. They will.

Utah Savage said...

This too has been eating at me. I think the doctor who implanted all those embryos in this woman with too many children already should be prosecuted and prevented from practicing medicine. I'm hoping child protective services is all over this case. For one thing, her parents need protection from the little monster they made. I'm thinking her use of them is elder abuse.

My word verification word is ammen. I say amen to that.

Nan said...

I don't doubt that there are producers and publishers wanting to sign deals with her (Americans love a good freak show; after all, both Jerry Springer and Maury Povich have been on the air for years) but I'm guessing that if she does sign any book deals or tv show contracts she'll have collection agencies representing the hospital, various doctors, and the state of California going after every dime she makes. The price tag for neonatal ICU is pretty steep -- that litter is eating up a good chunk of the state's Medicaid budget.

The woman is definitely delusional.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree with you about the possibility of getting some of the children/babies out for adoption to loving homes and couples anxious to have a baby. My son was born 12 weeks before his due date and spent 6.5 weeks (48 days) in intensive care. We do have insurance, thank goodness. But, wanna know what the price tag was? $150,000. And that was 11 years ago.

slyght said...

not to be insensitive, but get my taxes done. please? love ya. the lady is crazy, but what can you do?

Chickie said...

The whole octuplet thing makes me ill. Some people just don't have a brain.