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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Global chaos?? Newsworthy moments....

Before I begin my busy day, I just had to say something here about "current events." Considering the financial meltdown, which is not solely here in the U.S., it is a condition felt around the world. Unfortunately, the poor Chinese businessman and his many mistresses have been hit quite hard in these nerve wracking times.

There is a message in this story - and hopefully all Chinese, soon to be broke and homeless businessmen - will take heed. It is not nice to piss off one of the mistresses on your payroll.

This married Chinese businessman, hit hard in the pocket book, could no longer afford his five mistresses and had to make a very tough decision, as to how to eliminate all but one. Brainstorm hit - and he decided to have a talent contest, of sorts, to begin this process. He hired an instructor from a local talent agency to judge these five women on the way they looked, sang and how much liquor they could hold. I guess balancing a checkbook was not even considered.

After the first woman (29 years old) was eliminated, she invited the other four girls and her "master" to join her in a car tour of the local sights - to which they all agreed. The only obstacle appeared to be the CLIFF that this 29 year old decided to send the car flying over.

I guess you could say, she had this all planned out, as a letter was found later in her apartment - explaining this contest to the authorities. The 29 year old was the only person to die in this accident.

The end result...the businessman closed his company, paid off the late mistress's parents, his wife and four other mistresses left him. Now, it really sucks to be him wouldn't you say!!!

This next story I found sad and ironic. This man, Muzzammil Hassan, decided to launch his own television station - to counter the "bad" image of Muslims in this country, which became noticeably negative after the 9/11 attacks. For that progressive thinking I commend the bastard.

Unfortunately, it appears he was presenting his life and business venture as a LIE. That would be because, for whatever reason, yesterday he BEHEADED his wife Aasiya, at the building housing his television station. He was decent enough to turn himself into authorities and make a confession - but isn't this still the old stereotypical Muslim man taking the life of a spouse - because it is his duty or right?

His wife had filed for divorce in early January - so I'm sure that pissed him off in some way - and by the way, this was his second wife, mother of his two youngest children.

This man has now been charged with 2nd degree murder - and there will probably be many of his religious followers coming to his side - to validate the actions he decided to take. I will be anxiously waiting for the outcome of this man and the charges.

I would hazard a guess that is why there is no man in my life at present. With my mouth, I would probably face a beheading or a base jump without a parachute from any man involved with me.

Back to work for me......Later..........


Annette said...

That's why I am single.. I am too old and stubborn to put up with any man's crap...lol I would probably behead him...lol

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Tell me about this economy! I can barely maintain my stable of mistresses myself. I will be sure if I start voting them of the island I will not go on any scenic rides with them. And if any of them decide to leave me I believe they signed a "beheading" clause in the mistress contract. Hey it's all legal and stuff.