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Sunday, February 01, 2009

TODAY IS THE DAY....We are football here at Steeler Central...

I am psyched to say the least. On a normal Steeler football Sunday, we don the proper football attire to root our team on...and today is definitely NO different. Maybe even a little more extreme.

This would be the latest addition to our Steeler wardrobe. I really wanted just a jester cap...but it has this "dinosaur" tail thingy hanging down in the back. Oh, and the little yellow balls on the ends "light up." We have no shame at all.

The grandson has his tattoos affixed and lighted chapeau on...ready for his picture to be taken. No matter, that the game doesn't start for another 4 hours. I had some left-over tattoos (rub on kind) and took them over to my next door neighbor. He spent so much time erecting a sign, building a snowman - even spray painting the darn thing - and of all days the temps are in the mid 40's and Steeler Snowman is slowly MELTING!!! With the yellow painted bottom to the snowman, I felt the need to tell him to "avoid eating the yellow snow!"

Thegrandson took a candid pic of me - showing my "decked out" look. ALL Steeler jewelry, and my tat also. I've had several invitations to Super Bowl parties, but if I were to go to any, I would want to have FUN and thegrandson is only great for about one quarter.

So we are partying here - the two of us. I have a veggie tray, fixing sausage dip and for dinner we are having carnival hot dogs, tater tots and milkshakes. What more could a person ask? I've already warned the neighbor not to call 911, if he hears extreme yelling coming from my house - I have a tendency to become quite overt.

Things to do and prep, so catch ya...later..............


Dave said...

I think you have to put in your posts that the Steelers will win because.....the punter is a Canadian.
Well that's why they get our attention up here anyway.
Go Steelers!

giggles said...

Well, then... I won't mention that I always root for the underdog... Ho hum.... Though I do expect the Steelers to win...again!

Lisa said...

I don't know squat about football, but it looks like you're ready for fun. Right now your team is winning!