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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Was it murder..or a natural death?????

Update: 11:58 a.m. I changed the picture to a better "death pose."

This picture is really bad...but I wasn't taking the time to "set up" perfect lighting here. If you can't make this out very well, this is/was thegrandson's former pet goldfish Aragon. Thedaughter finally cleaned the tank last night - only because you could barely see the fish through the muck - and apparently it could no longer thrive in CLEAN water. Shortly after placing Aragon back in the tank - he was almost motionless. He wasn't even chasing after the fresh food dropped in the tank.

This fish has been rather weird since thegrandson brought him home, almost 2 years ago. For whatever reason, he liked to swim "backwards." Leave it to us to end up with a brain damaged fish. I sort of poked him last night to see if he would move, but with his nose pointed to the bottom, his fins would move, but he kept floating back to the top, tail first. I just chalked this up to its weirdness.

I found a note on the kitchen table this morning, from thedaughter - THE FISH IS DEAD!! Thegrandson showed sadness over the demise of Aragon, but I'm sure it will be short lived. When Brownie, the hamster died (right before obtaining the fish), he did express considerably more sadness - because we played with the hamster. I can't imagine playing with a goldfish - other than an occasional poke!

Now the big question (thedaughter's - not mine) flush or pitch the damn fish????

Theson bought thegrandson an "eye-toy" which operates with the Playstation 2, I believe, three years ago. Many hours of enjoyment have been had with this attachment, but thegrandson grew tired of its limitations and childish games. So it has sat idly on the shelf for several months.

For whatever reason, thegrandson hooked it up again on Sunday - and he apparently found many more interactive games. He is on Cloud 9 once again. He stated to me at the time "I can't believe I didn't know it had so much more." Aha, the ever exploring, potential genius.

I grabbed the camera to catch the moment, as it were. This picture reminds me of the old Mr. Wizard show - no clue why - just does. On this challenge, he could pick an orbiting planet and then set out to explore the planet. thank you to theson - for being so intelligent and encouraging his nephew to walk the same path.

I have a lot to get accomplished before my 4 o'clock "Client from Hell" arrives. This man is 84 years old - has OCD (extreme), Alzheimer's, and is a mean, bully type of a person. I make sure I COMPLETE his return while he is here - so he does not have to come back again. He is repetitious, asks personal questions and is a general pain in the ass. Of all the things he forgets - he hasn't forgotten me - DAMNIT!! At least his wife now tags along to keep him under control - but he can be mean to her also.

Being raised to respect my elders...I truly do try to adhere to that rule. But this man, may cause me to rethink that philosophy. Losing him as a client will neither make or break me. I'll be sure and let you know how this goes.

have a great one and I'll be back.....Later...........


Debbie said...

Dead fish are always a conundrum. Mostly, my kids have been fine with the flush method!

giggles said...

Flush....definately...both the fish AND the PITA client.... respect your elders?? Only when they respect you first.... You don't deserve that kind of treatment!

Lisa said...

That looks like a very cool toy thegrandson has. It should make him get over the fish pretty quickly.

Good luck with your client. I know you can grin and bear it, right? Then, after he's gone, bare it. As in moon him. That will make you feel much better. I swear by it.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Just try to deflect the inappropriate or personal questions by changing the subject.

It's always the mean ones who hang on and live for 100 years or more, isn't it?

Chickie said...

Flush. He belongs in the water.

Mnmom said...

Flush him, then never get another one. Fish are so pointless.

Good luck this afternoon.

Annette said...

I am with the majority.. flush...lol

michaelg said...


As someone with two aquariums, I differ on MNMom's assertion. Fish are relaxing to watch and, if big enough, chock full of Omega-3 fatty acids, and tasty to boot.