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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry - Palin is back her old tricks....

I honestly can't get Sarah Palin out of my mind - please - just shoot me now. She makes picking on her so very easy, I just have to go there. For at least five weeks or better, there is an area in western Alaska, that has a small population, but is in serious peril of certain death, during these cold winter months. They have run out of heating fuel and food supplies.

Sarah Palin has been aware of these issues, and has done NOTHING to address them. How could she, when she had to show up at a swanky Washington, D.C., dinner a couple of weeks ago, nurture her new grandson, take charge of the "snow machine" iditarod, blah, blah, blah.

Well, now she is going to venture to that area and show compassion - compassion that has been lacking for weeks. These are HER citizens of the state of Alaska and she has not lifted a finger to see that legislation is initiated or other methods employed to see to these people and their welfare. But Sarah, we are so glad that your daughter doesn't have to rely on the "system" for help with her child. She has YOU to give her what she needs.

This is the press release of today - now Palin is going to go to the AID of these poor folks. But check out who is tagging along...Franklin Graham. What the fuck is he going to do - feed the masses with a couple of fish??? Unless he has truck loads of staples and supplies - I say ignore the photo op!! Palin is also using this as an excuse NOT to attend the Governor's convention - probably to ensure "martyr" publicity.

If the repukes nominate this broad in 2010 - they deserve her - maybe have Limpdick as her running mate!! So read on my friends - I say she is such a phony! Hell, she will even bill all the per diem back to the state no less. If she's smart she will call Greta Van Suscitate to tag along also.

February 19, 2009, Juneau, Alaska - Following up on several trips to Western Alaska by multi-agency state personnel, Governor Sarah Palin and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will travel with Franklin Graham, President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, to the communities of Marshall and Russian Mission on Friday. Samaritan’s Purse is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid across the world. Working with private sector and nonprofit resources, an estimated 10,000 pounds of food will be distributed to more than 200 Alaska families in need.

For several weeks the administration has been working with residents on the Lower Yukon in an attempt to identify their eligibility for various aid programs for communities and individuals. Five state departments and the governor’s rural affairs advisor, John Moller, are involved in the immediate relief effort, and are currently visiting communities across the region.

Faith-based, nonprofit groups, such as Samaritan’s Purse, have partnered with state agencies and have been instrumental in providing assistance to Western Alaska in recent weeks. The Department of Public Safety has utilized its aircraft to deliver food collected from around the state by faith-based and other nonprofit organizations. The Department of Public Safety is working with the Department of Education and Early Development personnel in implementing a plan to provide bulk foods to area residents.

Additionally, state benefit specialists from the Department of Health and Social Services visited Emmonak recently and enrolled individuals in several existing public assistance programs. The Department of Fish and Game has expanded the moose-hunting season for residents, and is also reviewing concerns with the commercial king salmon fishery that many Lower Yukon River residents depend on for a substantial portion of their income.

The governor’s trip to Western Alaska, coupled with work on the economic stimulus certification requirements and budget amendments, will prevent her from attending the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

That is one "pretty" press release. Makes her sound like a real human being - putting her citizens first. Well, I know better, and I should hope the word gets out that she is fooling no one! The people of Alaska realize that this is a press release full of lies, and that their Governor has no qualms about using their plight for her own personal gain.

Enough ranting for now - I feel much better now. Have a great evening. Later.........


The Immortal Woman said...

She will miss the National Governors Association Convention in Wash DC - I feel so bad, maybe she can send Todd in her place.

Annette said...

Yep, she is going because finally someone is going that will give her National Exposure.. that's all she has been waiting on. Over at AKMudflats we have been taking bets to see how long it would be until someone from the National level would take notice and decide to do something about it. Well it finally got enough play on CNN that someone did or else she dropped a bug in GVS's ear while she was talking to Bristol the other day. Who knows.. but if it helps the people who are in need it is worth it I guess.. I just hope there is someone who tells the truth and it gets out enough and she doesn't get a lot of credit for doing nothing.

Kulkuri said...

"Palin is Quayle with a ponytail." Saw that recently and thought how appropiate.

Now just ignore her and get on with your life. She needs to be tossed in the dustbin of life and the only way that will happen is if everyone ignores her pathetic life.

rennratt said...

I can't pay attention to SP long enough to keep up with her antics. Her voice throws my nerves right on edge.

I can say, however, that FG and his group at Samaritan's Purse are on the up and up. I have no doubt that they have been gathering supplies and volunteers in the past weeks. They do this year-round, world wide. FG isn't perfect, but he's not a publicity ho, either.

Inanna said...

Gah, this has been going on for weeks! She's just getting out there??? My. Lord and Lady.

Dave said...

I am glad that she at most, provided fodder for the comedy industry. she makes my skin crawl as a human, makes me miss Bush as a politician, and makes me glad to be a Canadian

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...let's see...Sarah is Greta Susteren's new BFF.....Greta is featured on Reverend Graham's website. Weeks ago those "pathetic bloggers" quietly and without cameras sent food & cash to cold and starving villagers that Palin was to busy to pay attention to. (Katrina!)

It only took weeks for Palin & Greta to realize what a wonderful photo opportunity this would be! Last week they (Greta & Fox news) used Bristol as a photo op for Palin, this week the poor & starving....it must be a huge challenge seeking the spotlight while pretending you are not seeking the spotlight Sarah-rah!