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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Given more thought - yes, it's offensive.....

I've listened to several shows this day, regarding this "cartoon" which ran in the NY Post. When I first saw it yesterday, my thoughts were "what the hell was this guy thinking?" And today, I still have the same query, as his answers to several media outlets, has been vague and STUPID! The artist sees no correlation between this dead chimp - the comments by the cops - and our President. I say give this artist a banana.

Where have we come in this country? Apparently not as far as one would presume. There is no distinct connection between the incident with the irate chimp and stimulus package. This so-called artist, in his demented mind - has presumed to make just that connection.

Of course one would know that Al Sharpton would be the first to bring this to the Post's attention - and the media. But many people, black and white and red or green - should be upset. The editors and artist, have all stated that they feel no apology is necessary, nor will be forthcoming. Tsk, tsk...then I advise their readers to hit them where it hurts.

Considering the print media is finding it hard to succeed financially these days (due to online readerships), I would think any forward thinking CEO would want to immediately appease the upset public.

This is one situation I would hope to be rectified quickly and amicably.

My "client from hell" yesterday - was more sedate than I have ever seen. This man is close to 80 years old, has OCD and Alzheimer's. I had my suspicions of these issues a couple of years ago, but they were affirmed by his wife yesterday. But the man refuses to go to a doctor to possibly receive medication to alleviate some of the problems. I feel very sorry for his wife, as she has a rough road ahead of her.

My brother-in-law had Alzheimer's and woke up one night and beat my sister, because he did not know who she was and why she was in his bed. His life (and hers) turned progressively worse after that incident. He even got in his car and took off one day - only to be located in Maryland the next day. Once his car keys were taken off of him - he became more violent. A nursing home was the end solution, with all family members becoming distant memories then completely unrecognizable.

But I digress a wee tad...this elderly gentleman did make the comment (about Obama), that he was amazed "that this man learned to talk as well as he does." I asked what he meant, and he said "colored's just aren't meant to talk well." Believe it or not...I held my tongue. My face was no doubt a bright red, but I held it all in. His wife just looked at me and smiled. If this man had all his faculties, I would have lambasted him, like no woman ever has - but I did well - I let him live!!

It's back to work I go now.....have a great evening. I will check y'all out on my next break.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

It is not just offensive.

It is a paradigm case of how racism operates.

Racism is not merely, or even mainly, individual acts of bigotry or discrimination or asshole-ness.

There are bigots and assholes in every population.

Racism is the set of social understandings, practices, and embedded attitudes which PERMIT--indeed, encourage--acts of bias and discrimination; which often forgive such acts, and which even valorize them in the dominant group against despised minorities.

The most instructive part of this discussion to me has been how even the deniers have had to admit the rational complaint, even while rejecting the 'intention' of the act.

The mere act by apologists of begging to excuse that cartoon is an example of how the system works.

Annette said...

Then people are wondering why Eric Holder made the statement he did and are incensed by it. They are is such denial.

There is so much racism in this country and in the world yet.. no you don't see it all that much in so called "polite society", but it exists out here in the real world.

Kulkuri said...

I guess great minds think alike, my first thoughts on this cartoon were in line with yours, WTF??? One of the few times when I agree with Sharpton. Most of the time he is just looking for facetime like the boycott of the Red Apple store in NYC.

Yesterday I saw a black woman defending the cartoon as not being racist, saying she saw it as the chimp depicting Pelosi, Reid and the Democratic Party!!