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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something is terribly wrong...we read it every day....

This beautiful 26 year old woman, was shot in the back of the head (with a 20 gauge shotgun) by the 11 year old son of her boyfriend. WTF is wrong with society? I'm sick and tired of hearing about these atrocities committed by such small children.

Kenzie Houk was also eight months pregnant at the time. This small boy has now taken the lives of two innocent individuals. Perhaps he didn't want or condone his father's relationship with this woman, but nothing validates such an act. At sometime, someone has had to put this idea into his small head - violent thoughts with drastic results.

This young boy, proceeded to shoot this woman, gather his stuff up - and head off to school, along with this woman's 7 year old daughter. Thus, leaving her in the home with a four year old - to deal with the carnage. Thankfully this little girl had the sense to go outside and tell some men (tree cutters) that her "mother was dead." I cannot even fathom the trauma this little girl will deal with in the years ahead.

In trying to understand this little boy, I can only imagine that maybe the relationship between his estranged parents, had caused his mother to say or insinuate what should happen to her husbands usurper. Children take everything literally - that is a fact. I have to think that an 11 year old child knows the difference between right and wrong - I know with my 8 year old grandson, explaining the right/wrong of situations is an everyday occurrence. My grandson knows that stealing, lying, bigotry and even murder are WRONG!!!

I feel so much pain for all those involved in this situation - two people killed and so many lives ruined. I should hope that the "powers that be" will provide the necessary treatment, that this child can possibly evolve into a productive member of society. I foresee a long road ahead.



Annette said...

That is sad and upsetting.. you just have to wonder what was in his head if he did do it.

The Immortal Woman said...

It has been open season on women for a long time, and as the economy gets tighter and tension higher, even boys see us as targets.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow, what a terrible and sad situation. I hadn't heard about this (don't watch the news). But, I will be interested to find out what happens with this one.

rennratt said...

Oh, dear God. This is just terrible.

Makes you wonder how the shooter was raised, what he heard, and how he got the gun in the first place.

My heart aches for the survivors.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

If I had to guess, I'd bet the boy was 'poisoned' by his mother against the ex-hubby's "Whore."

Then there's the issue of the gun. Why wasn't it locked up?

Daddy's guilty of (at least) depraved indifference for leaving it where the kid could get it.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Truly tragic. Don't really know what can be done for the children in this. I hope they can find a way to be children still and not let this destroy their lives and I don't know if an eleven year old that did such a thing can be fixed. It's just sad that the parents couldn't deal with adult matters on their own and leave the children out of it all.

Nan said...

Really young kids can have a sense of right and wrong, but it's not until they're well into their teens that they start to truly grasp that death is real. I don't think most 11-year-olds do. Then when you consider how thoroughly saturated in unreal violence our culture is -- video games, movies, etc., where people are killed in gruesome ways but then kids see the actors walking around alive later -- and add that in with how little contact they have with actual death it's not surprising incidents like this happen. we have a culture that encourages kids to think that violence is the one acceptable solution to every problem, and we're seeing the result.

I've read about cases of young kids (elementary school age) killing classmates or relatives and being totally baffled later when they'd be told they couldn't talk to the victim because that person was dead. They really didn't understand what they had done.

It's tragic, and a really sad indictment of American society as a whole.

Mnmom said...

1. What Nan said
2. I blame the gun & the gun owner. Why did he have access to a gun in the first place? We think nothing of putting a child safety lock on the Tylenol but think it's an infringement of some strange civil right to ask that hand guns have a child safety lock?

Nan said...

Mystery of where he got the gun is solved. On Good Morning America they said he used a shotgun that was a gift from his father.