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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am being very humane here....

Where I live, has become a "dumping ground" for female animals - dogs and cats! There is a female German Shepherd mix puppy - maybe about 4 months old, which was dumped in our neighborhood approximately 4 weeks ago, when the temps were in the single digits. Many in the neighborhood have been feeding this pup, but no one can get close enough to even pet this dog.

This past week, she has been sleeping on my glider, on the front porch. I didn't even know, until my cat and dog both were carrying on at the front window. Thedaughter and I brought up some old blankets to put on the glider, so she could nest a little, to be able to survive these hellaciously cold nights.

A lady from the local Humane Society has been here twice, but the dog is smart - she avoids the area when that "truck" is here. This trap, seen above, was placed down the street for over a week, but as I stated - smart dog. Since I mentioned she has been sleeping on my porch, the trap was moved here last night. There is carpet, food and water - but it was a "no go" last night.

The dog loves to play with all the neighborhood pets, just avoids humans. I am a little upset, as I had purchased (4 years ago) a plastic, realistic looking basket (basket sleeve), in Amish Country to cover the protruding water main in my front yard - it is gone. We did not have winds strong enough to blow it away - so I am thinking that this pup decided it was a toy and took it somewhere else. Damn, the basket cost about $35 - and I don't just be-bop to Amish Country regularly. The one I had resembled the basket, upper left. I may have found a site where I can order another one, which makes me a little happier.

Last night's address by Obama was great. the criticism today, is "no specifics." I can't remember the last time any President offered "specifics" in an address such as this. It's more like - OK America - here is the gist of the plan - any specifics we might need will be forthcoming as the plans progress.

But let's talk Bobby Jindal, a minute. That was the most insane banter I have heard in quite some time. I had the impression that Jindal, was trying (and much too hard) to emulate Obama and his speech making - appeal qualities. Bobby - it didn't work.

I have to take issue with his health care comment "health care decisions should be made by patients and doctors and not government bureaucrats!" Is Louisiana so far from mainstream America, that he has not heard of HMO's? The demise of doctor/patient decisions came with the onset of the mega HMO's. There are the bureaucrats making the decisions as to what medical care one receives. On the average - HMO's pay 41% of actual hospital billing - they definitely make great profits, as locally the Health Plan, manages to be able to afford lavish Caribbean vacations yearly for all board members. Bastards!!!

Bobby, I suggest you get a firm grip on those big ears of yours...and pull your head out of your ass!! Here is the real world...in your face. Oh, and no....I was not impressed with Jindal at all.


Thedaughter, thegrandson and I are going to meet SexyJen (remember her theson?) for dinner at Generations restaurant tonight. She moved to Columbus a year ago, so I don't see her often, and this is how I get all her tax info - over dinner. Tonight will be interesting as there will be at least 9 of us - since she has asked quite a few of her other friends - just to have a great get-together. Theson has lusted after her for years, since we worked together in 2001. I just add this to get his BP up, since he is so far away. Heehee!

It's a beautiful sunny day - which boosts my spirits immensely - and the temps are rising also. This is just great. Have a great day all --more later.......................


Nan said...

Well, Jindal's one of those government bureaucrats who made a health care decision for every low income person in his state when he cut funding and closed charity hospitals, so I guess he'd know about the evils that desk monkeys can do (heavy dose of sarcasm).

I did not listen to Jindal's remarks at all. I did try reading the transcript. Poor sap. If he's the bright new hope of the Republican Party they're in deep trouble.

Utah Savage said...

If you were watching on MSNBC you heard Olbermann groan "Oh God" as Jindal came into view and at the end, someone asked Rachel for a comment and she started babbling, then later said her reaction to Jindals speech "left me slack jawed and babbling like a Benedrilled infant." Me too.

Have fun tonight.

Michael said...


That's one of those tropes that right wingers love to hit you with-"we don't want government standing between you and your doctor." Really? Well, right now a profit motivated insurance company stands between me and my doctor. If someone HAS to stand between me and medical treatment, at least if it is a government official we have a chance that the decision will be based on reason (no, your 97 year old grandmother cannot have a heart transplant-the potential benefit exceeds the risk and cost) rather than profit (we COULD save your toddler, but the treatment is too expensive. Sorry.)

Annette said...

Actually it was Chris Matthews who said Oh God..lol I thought it was KO too..but Chris owned up to it..lol

Jindal was awful.. and what's worse is I have only heard 1 person say anything good...and that was Michael Steele.. the other idiot..Even other GOOPERS are saying he was terrible.. The FAUX news Foursome last night was moaning about how pitiful he was even...lol Now that's bad.

Lisa said...

That's a sweet thing you do, letting the dog stay on the porch.