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Friday, February 06, 2009

Our Senators (other side) are asshats!!!

To say I need a life is an understatement. Having worked on tax returns all day plus unloading the "package" from Egypt, I should relax and kick back. Oh NO!! Here I sit listening to our United States Senators acting like asswipes on this Stimulus Bill.

All the alerts went out -- "Senate reaches agreement on Stimulus Package - Vote tonight." So I go to C-SPAN and I am still listening to these ridiculous arguments from the Republicans - and I have to say John McCain was more creative in his figures than most. He would make a great accountant - NOT!

A bipartisan committee met and made over $100 billion in cuts to the initial proposal, and McCain, Martinez, Graham, McConnell and other repukes are spouting off such things as:

"This money will be hard pressed to make it to the state level within two years."
"I call this a generational theft bill."
"There is no oversight of monies included here."
Blah, blah, blah, blah!!!

Let's see, they followed Bush in allowing the first release of TARP funds ($350 billion) with NO oversight whatsoever - and look how that ended. I have a hard time even listening to any Repub argument on this matter, after they essentially allowed this catastrophe to develop.

John McCain is now stating that the Dems are saying "we won the election so we will write the bill" - which makes me want to jump thru that TV screen and strangle that growth on his face! Tell me what good came of the Bush administration and their six years of total reign! The republican party carries no credence with me at this point in time, after ruining the economy and allowing Bush free rein to do as he pleased. Talk about a sore loser.

ARGHH!!! I'm pissed. Then we have the cap on CEO pays that Obama proposes.

I do not have a problem with such a cap. When big businesses come on bended knee to the government and beg to be bailed out of the situations - which they created - then yes, they should have to follow NEW rules.

Tell me the difference between a CEO receiving government money in order to survive and a welfare recipient. In the mid 90's the government initiated much more stringent rules on those receiving welfare. Random drug testing can also be done if receiving Sec. 8 housing, mandatory hours must be worked and documented in order to receive certain benefits, i.e., food stamps and medicaid. So I say - as well as placing a cap on the CEO bonuses - these people should be subjected to other mandatory government rules. I would expect to have all these people sign in and out of work (punch a time clock if you will) and mandate at least a 40 hour work week, no paid lunches, random drug tests would not hurt either.

I see no difference between these two stations in life. Many say - the government should not be running these businesses - well - they shouldn't have let their businesses run into the ground. Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) after hearing this proposal stated "you run the risk of having a brain drain at the bank, of their top talent!" Excuse me...would that be the same "brain(s)" that caused these problems, yet still accepted TARP monies and paid out more bonuses??? Get a grip Senator.

I can see now that a vote will not be forthcoming tonight - and I am very tired. This is not a very organized rant..but what the hell. Have a good evening and great weekend, if you don't get back here.



The Immortal Woman said...

So the reason supplied for the bank bigwigs to receive their bonus out of OUR money, was that the boards were afraid they would go elsewhere to work. And the problem with this would be?? They ran the company into the ground and had to resort to welfare hand outs, let them quit and try to find a job elsewhere - there are none okay, and no one would want them after "your company had to get a bail out and you quit because you did not get a bonus?". Please, let them stomp off in a big fit!

Dave said...

It blows my freaking mind that politicians would rather get their time in teh sun, their fifteen minutes of fame, or a piece of c-span or the N.Y. times, than quickly get the job done to stop this slide.
Money is needed yesterday, and the senators, (up here in Canada we have the same problem by the way) will bicker to get some air time.
Fiddle away while Rome burns gentelmen.

Mnmom said...

Let them leave!!!! They can take their incompetence to some other company, but who would hire them? They should take their caps and be damn grateful for ANY job. And I totally agree that govt regulations and rules should follow these hand outs. Their arrogance just steams me.

Utah Savage said...

Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch are my horrible asshats. I keep rooting for Orin to get caught with a male underaged page. And Bennett keel over and die. I have done Orin Hatch's make up for a TV spot here, and had the chance to do some serious damage. Now I hate myself for not making some creative and deadly plan. These men are just a waste of space. And such grandstanding pricks. So full of shit and so proud of it. You can understand what a hit I am with my near daily emails and petition signing.

Nan said...

Hey, it's not welfare when you're giving the money to people who don't need it. Or so I assume, based on Republican logic. If you're already rich, it's not a handout -- it's just what you rightly deserve. Where it becomes welfare is when it goes to people who might actually spend it in this country.

As for actual welfare, if you want to read something depressing take a look at the latest Mother Jones. It has an article about the many ways the state of Georgia has screwed over the poor in this state. Georgia cut its welfare rolls by about 90%, basically by lying to applicants and telling them they weren't eligible for TANF when they actually were -- and most of those people wound up living in homeless shelters, in jail, turning tricks (prostitution is way up), or worse. Really high cost to society, but one the Republicans appear quite willing to ignore.

arrozconpollo said...

This is just an extention of class warfare. Not the bullshit class warfare Republicans claim. But the actual warfare of the uber rich fucking stealing the treasury to ensure an ever widening gap between the haves and the fucked. These asshat senators who will actually defend the theiving bankers' excessive bonuses at the direct expense of taxpayers are just paid-whores for those they defend. "The best and the brightest" are the same that fucked their respective companies, enriched themselves in the process, and got the government to hand them unaccounted for billions so they could enrich themselves w/ bonuses and junkets again and again. Come to think of it, they're pretty fucking brilliant and worth every penny :(

Kulkuri said...

"Come to think of it, they're pretty fucking brilliant and worth every penny :("
I have to agree with that line.

Somebody(s) in the Bushevik Regime figured out how to stampede Congress into doing everything they wanted. The sad part is that the Democrats were enablers. Now the Never-Right wing has woken up to the fact that they are no longer in power and must do everything to prevent the Dems from doing anything. That's OK, their talking points are so lame that even the dumbest of their base(except Rush's DittoHeads, they are too dumb to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel!) is scratching their heads or asses whichever they think with. The longer they keep talking nonsense, more people will wake up and smell the shit coming from the Never-Rightwingnuts!!