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Friday, February 27, 2009


Spring break is just around the corner for most college students, and warnings have gone out - that they might want to rethink enjoying that time in Mexico. I, for one, think that is an excellent idea. The drug murders and kidnappings have increased to incredible proportions.

Starting in 1989, I vacationed in Cancun at the Royal Solaris Resort on an annual basis, till I began the Caribbean cruises in 1999. I have so many beautiful, relaxing memories of my vacations there - and many included enjoying the college students on Spring Break. More often than not, I ended up the surrogate mom to some, and I know my sage advice was followed and appreciated (right?!!?).

In May of 1996, I took my then 18 year old son along - for a "senior" trip. My friend also had her son along - which made for a humorous and wacky vacation. Since they were under our supervision and no driving was involved - they enjoyed the tequila slammers immensely. My son even managed to win the Mr. Solaris contest - I think everyone fell in love with his long curly hair!! He still has the video somewhere of that little escapade.

As for me, I just loved to lay in the sun and enjoy the "swim up" pool bar. As a rule, I don't drink, but I also enjoyed a few tequila slammers and the strawberry daiquiris. These pictures show how beautiful the area truly is. This was one of the first resorts built on the peninsula - and if I were to return today, I would still prefer the Royal Solaris. It is an all-inclusive resort - and I loved the fact that I could just stay there and have around the clock entertainment and food. It definitely does not take much to make me happy.

For as much as I love Cancun and the entire shopping areas...I would not go there at this time. Until the government can rein in the drug cartels - the danger is just too great. Last night, after this warning was released, several TV stations interviewed college students, and the giddy, stupidity was there for all to see. The majority said, "I don't care, we go to have fun." DUH!?!?!? I have to mention that every year I arrived in Cancun, there was always armed military in the airports and they also supplied security for most resorts. There is something to be said for laying in the sun, while gun-toting men, patrol the perimeters.

I have seen many college age kids arrested for their exuberant drinking, which involved wiring home to mom and dad for bail money. If there is one thing the Mexicans love - it is the American dollar. They will gouge any tourist whenever possible.

The beheadings, and kidnappings are enough to deter my travel plans to Mexico, I should only hope that the parents of these college age kids have some input, on where their children will "survive" spring break.

Travel for me this summer will be nil it appears. I look forward to sun and "doing absolutely nothing", but the recession is putting a halt to that.

Now, I have popped off again, and I am putting my foot down. Catch ya later........


Annette said...

I guess I am just a fuddy duddy.. never have wanted to go to Mexico. Now I really don't want to go..lol You are right though, the way it sounds...if you do go, be very, very careful where, when and how. Maybe even IF...lol

Lisa said...

Yeesh. Is all that violence because of our 'war on drugs?' I think we've lost that one.

Kulkuri said...

I would say it is because of the War on Drugs. The Drug Cartels are battling each other in order to get a share in the market. Since the War on Drugs started, there are more drugs available at cheaper prices and if the Drug Cartels want to make money they have to eliminate the competition.