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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've been CRAZY busy...but now I'm pissed!!

Yesterday, was a constant...either phone calls, people dropping off or picking up. There was hardly a break to get anything accomplished. After one late afternoon appointment became a "no show", I decided I had to get out of the house. So, my treat, I took thedaughter and thegrandson to Outback's for dinner. My favorite place to dine, of course.

Even with that short respite, once home again, the phone calls began again. Granted, I work out of my home, but I would think some people could respect and/or refrain from calling after 9 pm.

I have a short story here, just to get off my chest, as it were. I have stated before I live in a small village - we lost the designation of "city" in the 2000 census. We had a "strong mayor" government at that time - but have since turned over to a Village Administrator/weak mayor control. When this change occurred, I was Chairman of the Board of Public Affairs, which had control of the local water department. The mayor at that time - totally hated my ass - going as far as to call me a "f**kin fat ass" in the city building. To which I turned around and laughed at him - imagine that, not recognizing a designer look when it is right in front of him. Due to his hatred of me and the Service Director - he gained control of the votes of council to FIRE the Board and institute the village administrator position.

This administrator position was to pay $35K/year plus benefits. Now get this, this village administrator is now living with our newer Mayor (who was the former Service Director). Following this?

I am so not a fan of this woman's - as she is a legend in her own mind. She has enough arrogance to sink a battleship - and NOW - has written a book. This book is offered at lulu.com, which as far as I am concerned - is not an authentic Publisher.

This company will print and bind any written word you desire...as long as you pay all the costs and commissions. But, this hasn't stopped these two from touting this "masterpiece" as their beginning of "riches." Someone, please check this site out and tell me if you think this person CAN WRITE. There are six or eight pages one can view here, before deciding to purchase a flimsy paperback - for a whopping $22.

One book has been purchased with several of us paying $1 apiece, so we can read the joke of a book. Now for the fun part. Being a small town, this woman may have changed the names, but the disclaimer is a lie - as the events she quotes, for the most part are very true. Yes, I am in this book, albeit briefly - and I DO KNOW what name they have given me. Part of the many phone calls I referenced in the beginning of this post, were related to her so-called "writings." People are pissed to say the least.

The icing on the cake...she is writing a second book, to follow where this one supposedly left off. This woman has her master's degree in "romantic languages" and teaches full-time at the local parochial high school - the residents are up in arms that she is also taking home a NOW $47K pay package (includes annual raises), and is NEVER in the municipal building.

Wouldn't you say - that is the job everyone would die for???

This woman has painted an ugly picture of so many locals - to hype the persona of her live-in lover/Mayor. This can only become a real mess, as she, being the newbie in our town, has no idea how the local citizens will react.

I must go for now - still much to do on the business end. If anyone dares to check the site out - you will see a cover for this book "Bleed Green", and the Mayor/lover is the gentleman fishing on the riverbank - in the picture.

Have a great day.....Later.........


rennratt said...

I love reading, I really do.

I TRIED to read the first page of this book. If the author has an editor, (s)he should be fired.


Please keep us in the loop on this one!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She obviously doesn't have a clue how pissing off citizens of a small town will instantly relegate her to "turd in a punchbowl" status - or worse.

Dave said...

I guess you had to throw in the buck to buy the book and share it, to get the stories. But would it not be divine justice if not ONE book was sold!

Nan said...

Well, that was painful. It's like something out of a junior high creative writing class. I'll never complain about editing STD articles again.

The Immortal Woman said...

You know what she is doing with her $47K per year? Not spending it on an editor that is for sure! I think Lulu publishing is laughing all the way to the bank. I know another author that also thinks they are Jacqueline Suzanne or something now that they paid someone to print and bind their ramblings.

Lisa said...

Oh my. This is real life soap. Holy cats. I can't imagine living in a small town and thinking that I'd be able to get away with those things. People talk, for goodness sake!