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Friday, February 06, 2009

The BOX has finally arrived....3 months later....

I have blogged about awaiting the arrival of theson's personal belongings, which he shipped home (here) the beginning of November. What a colossal clusterfuck. Theson had no "tracking number" or bill of lading to reference, so until 2 weeks ago - we had no idea where this package was - in transit.

After conversing with the shipping company in New York last week, arrangements were made to get this LARGE box shipped to the house. Money was mailed and verifications made. After being assured the delivery was being made in a 25 foot box truck by the NY company - all I had to do was await word from the local trucking company, as to specifics of date and time for arrival. Hell, then we had the hassle of a semi trailer - and the weather and omg - I wanted to shoot someone.

But today - a smaller truck located - the package arrived and all is safely within the confines of the house.

Thedaughters friends helping to unload the monster box - weighing 440 pounds.

Now I am armed with scissors and utility knives to break the box open - as it contains multiple, individual boxes - but I encounter two 1 1/2" wide metal straps encasing the behemoth. Grrr...well, one of the guys is smarter than me and used pliers to twist and break the strapping.

The second picture shows ALL the individual EMPTY boxes that were used as packing material. The fun part came when I had to break down all the boxes. That job is now complete and all the packing material is in the back of theson's truck awaiting a trip to the recycling center and landfill. Whew...I'm so glad this task is complete and very thankful for the assistance from our friends.

I have some smaller boxes I now have to open and go through, as theson purchased a boomerang for thegrandson, on his Australian vacation. The little snot will be so excited when he gets home from school this afternoon.

So there son - you can see that your stuff is finally here. Gotta run, things to do...I shall return...later...............


Utah Savage said...

When TheGrandson gets his hands on that boomerang, duck. I had one when I was a kid and almost managed to take out my grandmother.

themom said...

Utah: I may be fat and old...but I can stil DUCK!! thanks for the warning.

Mnmom said...

Another huge task DONE! Congrats! Do I see green grass there???

Lisa said...

Holy cats!!!! That's a lot of box. You are such a good mother to take care of your kids the way you do. I'm sure they appreciate you.

Liberality said...

You must be relieved to have finally gotten his stuff.